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Here’s Everything You Need To Know About The New Head Of Xbox Phil Spencer

Microsoft announced late last month that Phil Spencer would become the new head of the Xbox division. As part of the announcement, Spencer said that he would bring a new focus on games back to the division that has seemingly focused on everything but games for the past few years. Can you really trust that though? Well, see for yourself. …

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Phil Spencer Gets Promoted To Head Of Xbox Division

Phil Spencer is probably the most likable of all the Xbox executives. He exudes confidence during all of Microsoft’s press conferences, and he has a legitimate love for games. In fact, you could say he’d be the perfect fit to lead Xbox in 2014. Well, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella seems to agree. Nadella announced this morning that Phil Spencer will …

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Microsoft To Focus On Games At E3

Microsoft was wise to announce the Xbox One before E3 last year. It opened up the annual trade show to focus exclusively on games since it got all the TV and sports out of the way at the May event. With E3 2014, will Microsoft continue its focus on games, or will we see a Doritos Xbox One app instead? …

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