Here's Everything You Need To Know About The New Head Of Xbox Phil Spencer


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Microsoft announced late last month that Phil Spencer would become the new head of the Xbox division. As part of the announcement, Spencer said that he would bring a new focus on games back to the division that has seemingly focused on everything but games for the past few years. Can you really trust that though? Well, see for yourself.

Xbox shared a new video today in which Major Nelson interviews Phil Spencer about his time at Microsoft. There's not a lot here about his plans for Xbox One and for good reason. This is all about selling games on Spencer as a person. Xbox fans have a right to be cautious as the Xbox division goes through these changes and Microsoft needs to get the message out that Spencer is just like them - a gamer.

During the interview, we're treated to a few interesting revelations. When asked what was his favorite game he worked on, Spencer says that Xbox exclusive Voodoo Vince is at the top. While some may not even remember the title, he says it was the first title he beat with his daughters and thus holds a special place in his heart. He also teased that we'd be seeing a new game at E3 with a unique setting that's on par with games like Brothers and Limbo. While no specific details were shared, it's still exciting to think that Microsoft is working on more games like that.

We're going to see a lot more Phil Spencer going forward so gamers should probably get used to him. That shouldn't be too hard as he's pretty personable and probably the best choice out of all the Xbox execs left at Microsoft. Under his leadership, Xbox may very well get back to focusing on games first.

Image via xbox/YouTube