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AOL Buys Outside.In, A Hyperlocal Blog Service

According to various reports, AOL has bought Outside.In, and will announce that today. The price hasn’t been confirmed, but Business Insider says it’s been told that it’s less than $10 million. Outside.In will evidently become integrated with AOL’s Patch property …

Hyperlocal News: How Big is the Demand?

Would you read a publication dedicated to news about the neighborhood you live in? The web has made an infinite amount of information from all over the world available to you in realtime at a non-stop pace. We now have nearly every piece of news about everything we care about either coming directly to us via social media sites and/or news readers, and the rest is available in seconds via a quick search. 

AOL Brings Back Local Food And Entertainment Guide
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AOL said today it is relaunching its City’s Best online guide to provide local food and entertainment reviews in 25 metro areas.

City’s Best local editors and writers in each market have visited and selected the best food,  and entertainment destinations in each city creating directory listings for each. AOL will invite local users to chose the most popular spots.


AOL And Patch Partner With Colleges On Journalism
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AOL and its subsidiary Patch have launched PatchU, a new network of partnerships between local Patch online publications and colleges and universities, with a focus on helping the next generation of journalists.

The initiative, which launched this fall, offers interships and coursework at local Patch publications to students under the guidance  of Patch’s editors.

AOL To Expand Patch To 500 Sites

AOL said today it has launched 100 Patch local news sites and has plans to grow that number to 500 by the end of the year.

AOL plans to hire 500 journalists to support its Patch expansion and it will likely be the largest hirer of full-time journalists in the U.S. this year.

MapQuest Rolls Out New Look

AOL’s MapQuest has introduced a new look and feel that goes beyond maps and driving directions and focuses more on local search.

Starting today users can opt in via a link to try out the new MapQuest. The new redesign will replace the old version of MapQuest in about a month.

AOL Launches Patch.org To Fund Hyperlocal News

AOL said today it is launching Patch.org, a charitable foundation to support access to local news and information in underserved communities.

Patch.org will partner with community foundations and other organizations to launch sites and bring local news and information to communities that lack adequate news media and online local information.

AOL Buys Two Local Online Media Companies
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AOL has acquired two local online media companies Patch Media Corp. and Going Inc. in an effort to further build on its current local network.

Patch is a local news platform focused on smaller towns and Going is a local platform for people to find and share information about things to do in a number of cites.

“Freaky Outty” Microsoft Working On Bug Fix

New Zealand hacker Beau Butler pointed out an ancient (1999) computer bug still posed problems for web browsers all the way up to modern versions.

No Patch Tuesday For Microsoft In March
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The new Daylight Savings Time starting date, three weeks earlier than in past years, may have prompted Microsoft to skip issuing patches on the second Tuesday of the month as they normally do.

Official Windows Mobile Daylight Savings Patch

Microsoft has capitulated to a lot of annoyed and loud customers, releasing a patch for Windows Mobile that fixes the Daylight Saving Time issue. Microsoft is doing this despite the fact that it has always been the responsibility of device makers, they weren’t going to let those companies screw their customers and mess up Outlook Mobile.

Skype Patches URL Handling Flaw

A vulnerability in Skype’s VoIP software could have permitted file transfers from one Skype user to another without requiring consent from the recipient.

Microsoft’s Patch For Flash Player Flops

Microsoft made a step this week towards working cooperatively with other applications, but it resulted in a decidedly less than a positive outcome. A patch for the Adobe Flash Player, offered through the Windows Update service, seems to create more problems than it resolves.

Slow Down, Simplify

Microsoft’s most recent updates apparently caused problems more than a few users: Microsoft Patch Snafu Grows, Users Seek Workaround.

Patent Woes Force MS Office/Access Patch
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Microsoft is being required to issue patches for new installations of Office Professional Edition 2003, Office XP Professional, and Access 2002 and 2003 after losing a 2005 patent infringement case. This means that companies in the process of new installations of the affected products must update them.

Microsoft Releases WMF Patch Early

Rather than wait through the weekend until Patch Tuesday, Microsoft made a patch for the critical flaw available today.

Google Mini Needed Big Security Patch

The search appliance that has been part of a recent Google hardware promotion contained a “highly critical” flaw leading to the presence of several exploitable bugs.

Microsoft Patch Management For Home Users

With easy access to Broadband and DSL the number of people using the Internet has skyrocketed in recent years.

Microsoft Passing On Patch Tuesday

A previously announced critical update for the Windows operating system won’t be available on Tuesday.

Veritas Flaw Exposes Systems To Attacks

The Backup Exec software contains a problem that imperils backup servers, and systems with remote backup agents installed.

CNN, Disney Zapped By Zotob

Multiple systems at several site in the country experienced worm-related shutdowns, and were likely Zotob-related.