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Bud Light’s Super Bowl Ad Features Giant, Real-Life Pac-Man

If a Super Bowl ad with a slightly drunk bro getting chased by giant, lit-up ghosts inside a giant, lit-up real-life Pac-Man game, featuring generic EDM, with the sole prize of more bud light doesn’t scream America, 2015, then I …

The Atari E.T. Game Land Fill Legend

The year is 1983. The Alamogordo Daily News reported in September that between 10-20 (actually 14) semi-trucks coming from a storehouse in El Paso, Texas, traveled 90 miles to a landfill in Alamogordo, New Mexico. At night, they would unload, …

Pac-Man Is Making A Comeback This Fall
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Does anybody remember Pac-Man World? The trio of ill-fated 3D platformers never really did much in terms of sales, but Namco still dried its hardest to push its on-and-off again mascot into the third-dimension. After a successful revival of Pac-Man’s …

Help Choose The Look Of Pac-Man’s Next Outing
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There has not been a “new” Pac-Man in quite some time. The last major iteration of the classic franchise came with Pac-Man Championship Edition. It’s been ported to just about every other platform since its original release on Xbox Live …

Ms. Pac-Man Goes 3D with This Immersive Gaming Experience

Growing up in the last couple of decades, it’s a safe assumption that you’ve played Ms. Pac-Man at some point in your life. But I bet you’ve never played it like this. In a feat of immersive gaming, some true …

PAC-MAN Fan Film Deserves to Become a Full Length Feature
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The video starts out with a sexy reporter covering a series of unexplained power outages that continue throughout the state of Nevada. She moves on to say that the source of the outages is believed to be the Maze Compound, …

Huge Pac-Man Game Chomps at IE 9 Huge Pac-Man Game Chomps at IE 9
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It’s becoming quite common nowadays to show off when a discussing Internet browsers, especially when they launch. From Mozilla’s love of infographics and cool-looking maps, to Google’s use of “pop-up” reminders for visitors who show up sporting anything but Chrome, …

Google Releases Playable PAC-MAN Doodle
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Google has released a really cool playable doodle of PAC-MAN to celebrate the game’s 30th birthday.

The Google Blog offers all the fun details. "Today, on PAC-MAN’s 30th birthday, you can rediscover some of your 8-bit memories-or meet PAC-MAN for the first time-through our first-ever playable Google doodle. To play the game, go to google.com during the next 48 hours (because it’s too cool to keep for just one day) and either press the ‘Insert Coin’ button or just wait for a few seconds."