Ms. Pac-Man Goes 3D with This Immersive Gaming Experience

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Growing up in the last couple of decades, it's a safe assumption that you've played Ms. Pac-Man at some point in your life. But I bet you've never played it like this.

In a feat of immersive gaming, some true visionaries built and displayed a 3D version of the game that surrounds the player on both sides and on the ceiling - as well as the traditional front screen.

The installation demoed at the Babycastles Summit at the Museum of Art and Design, and is a creation of Keita Takahashi, creator of Katamari Damacy. Being chased by those ghosts has never looked so stressful.

"When Ms. Pac-Man moves from the wall to the ceiling...what was right is now up, what is up is now left," says one player. Yeah, I can imagine this would take at least a few minutes to get the hang of.

[Kotaku via MAKE]

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