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Steve Irwin’s Son: 8-Year Old Croc Handler
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Steve Irwin’s son Robert shows no fear when it comes to handling dangerous animals. In fact, he’s a natural at it. If the 8-year old seems right at home with crocodiles and snakes, it’s because he and his family literally …

Robin Williams Will Portray President Dwight D. Eisenhower in The Butler
· 13

Robin Williams get on a lot of people’s nerves, and I can understand why. His frantic style of comedy isn’t everyone cup of tea, and, to be perfectly honest, I’m not a big fan of it, either. However, when it …

50 Cent Vs. Oprah: 6 Year Feud Ends

Oprah Winfrey and 50 Cent have notoriously had “beef” in the past, but it now looks like the two have decided to get along. On Sunday, the two met on Oprah’s Next Chapter to hash out their past problems. On …

Time Wins National Magazine Of The Year Award

Time Magazine took home the magazine of the year award last night at the 46th annual National Magazine Awards. The awards, which have been given out annually since 1966, are considered to be the top prize in the magazine industry. …

Transcendental Meditation: Oprah Recommends It For Employees
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Oprah Winfrey devoted her show last night to the topic of transcendental mediation after visiting the Maharishi University in Fairfield, Iowa. It’s a topic she’s familiar with since discovering the benefits of the practice last year and sharing it with …

Oprah’s Interview with Whitney Houston’s Family Broke the OWN Record with 3.5 Million Viewers
· 2

Oprah Winfrey’s interview with Whitney Houston’s daughter (Bobbi Kristina), brother (Gary Houston), and sister-in-law and manger (Patricia Houston) on Sunday set an OWN record with over 3.5 million viewers. Winfrey’s new Own primetime series, Oprah’s Next Chapter, capitalized on Whitney’s …

Oprah Interview, Tweets Suggest Houston’s Daughter May Not Be Safe

The Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) has released a video preview of Oprah’s Sunday interview with Whitney Houston’s daughter, brother and sister-in-law, in which Winfrey asks Gary Houston how he felt about his late sister’s ex-husband, Bobby Brown. The love of …

Oprah’s Self-Promoting Tweet Draws Ire Of Nielsen, Fans Oprah’s Self-Promoting Tweet Draws Ire Of Nielsen, Fans
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Oprah surely wants her brand new show “Oprah’s Next Chapter” (airing on her OWN network) to become a big hit like her previous TV offering, but her methods of promotion have landed the global icon in hot water. Grammy night …

Oprah vs. Judgment Day Oprah vs. Judgment Day
· 3

Last Saturday, when nobody actually thought that the world was coming to an end, the realm of social media was nevertheless buzzing about biblical numerologist and proven liar Harold Camping’s ploy for more money prediction. When 6pm local time came …

Google Maps No Phone Zones for Oprah
· 4

Google announced today that has provided mapping (via the Google Maps API) for a couple of highway safety initiatives around the use of cell phones in vehicles.

The first such initiative is Oprah’s "No Phone Zone", which lets users make a pledge under three different options: no texting, no texting plus handsfree calling only, and no phone use at all while driving. These pledges are then mapped in near real-time using the API, so others can see where and when these pledges were made.

Oprah, Illinois AG Sue Internet Marketers
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Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan has filed consumer fraud lawsuits against three suppliers and an affiliate marketer of acai berry products charging the companies lure customers with free online trial offers via aggressive Internet marketing tactics and then charge their credit cards prematurely.

Twitter Gets Back to Oprah-Like Numbers in June
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Last month, there was a lot of hubbub about Twitter’s growth flat lining. Matthew Daines, the lead developer of our own Twitter app, Twellow, showed me a graph that he put together from the user IDs he found in the Twitter API, based on when they registered with Twitter.

Twitter Finally Launches Verified Accounts
· 21

Mere moments ago Twitter launched the first leg of its "Verified Accounts" program.

Now celebrities such as Oprah and PuffDaddy P Diddy Diddy (among others) carry the following Verified Account badge.

Did Oprah Make Twitter’s Numbers Look Bad?
· 1

Earlier today, we looked at some numbers that didn’t exactly look great for Twitter. While the numbers certainly shouldn’t be ignored, nobody ever said they were concrete or indisputable fact.

The fact is, that numbers supplied from research firms are often off a bit, and they should usually be taken with a grain of salt. The indication however, was that Twitter growth had pretty much screeched to a halt. That really might not be the whole picture though.

Oprah Looks To Dominate Twitter

Oprah does everything in a big way. She affects book sales in ways that make publishers drool. She gains a lot of weight then she loses a lot of weight. She can make someone go from just living in a household to being a household name. She certainly has a pop culture Midas touch of sorts so recently she lent that power to none other than the folks at Twitter.

The Oprah Effect On Twitter
· 2

Everybody knows the quickest path to national sensation is through Oprah Winfrey’s talk show. Become one of her favorite things or favorite books and that favor transforms into a golden ticket. But what effect would she have on Twitter? After all, it’s not bath lotion or a slimming pair of mom jeans.

Ashton Reaches A Million Followers
· 5

About 2 a.m. East Coast time, Ashton Kutcher declared victory in attracting one million followers on Twitter. For what it’s worth—is it worth something?—CNN piggyback publicity team conceded victory, but would reach a million itself sometime in the wee morning hours.

About 7:30 last night, just about the time the Twitter-battle was being hyped on entertainment news, bookies reached out to my inbox to inform me the odds favored CNN. Odds were even on Kutcher, long on Britney.

AOL TV Poll Says Oprah Best Interviewer
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A new poll by the AOL Television Web site found that viewers favorite daytime TV host was Ellen Degeneres who received 46 percent of the vote beating out Oprah Winfrey who pulled in 19 percent of the vote.

Oprah’s Site Benefits From Free Book

Some new Hitwise statistics have led to two takeaways.  First, people follow Oprah.  Second, people like free stuff.  Simple enough, eh?

Oprah Ready for YouTube?

This morning I visited YouTube only to be overwhelmed with Oprah in the featured videos area. To be honest, I was quite surprised that my favorite marketing guru Martha Stewart hasn’t attempted this, but in her defense I guess she’s been busy with Marthapedia these days…

YouTube Pulls Down Posts

JD Lasica had a post removed from YouTube the other day.