Steve Irwin's Son: 8-Year Old Croc Handler

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Steve Irwin's son Robert shows no fear when it comes to handling dangerous animals. In fact, he's a natural at it.

If the 8-year old seems right at home with crocodiles and snakes, it's because he and his family literally live in the middle of a zoo: the Australia Zoo, to be exact. His older sister Bindi has also had a knack for handling wildlife and says they couldn't imagine living anywhere else.

"It’s fantastic. Every day’s a new adventure," she said.

Both children were very close with their father and were involved in just about every aspect of taking care of the animals they were always surrounded by, even though Robert was just a toddler when Irwin was fatally stung in the chest by a stingray. Irwin was filming a documentary at the time with Bindi in the Great Barrier Reef; his death impacted the little girl profoundly, but she has followed in her father's footsteps with her own kids' television show featuring exotic animals, and has her own line of books called the "Wildlife Adventure Series".

Now it looks like Robert will do the same; after hanging out with Oprah during one of her specials, he handled toothy baby crocs with ease and rattled off the latin name of a snake he was holding like it was second nature.

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