Are Search Engines Doing Enough To Deter Child Abuse?

Are Search Engines Doing Enough To Deter Child Abuse?

By Chris Crum July 30, 2013 | 13 Comments

Are search engines like Google and Bing doing enough to combat child exploitation and those seeking out images of it? That’s a question that’s on a lot of people’s minds this week as Microsoft has said that it will include …

Dads Spend 50% More Time Online with their Kids [Infographic] Dads Spend 50% More Time Online with their Kids [Infographic]

The old cliche that dads are too busy to spend any time with their kids is the subject of this next inforgraphic from online schools.com. Yes it’s more common to see images of moms helping their children study and learn …

Porn Surfing Is Safer Than Browsing Religious Sites Porn Surfing Is Safer Than Browsing Religious Sites
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Is this a good definition of irony? The fact that, according to Symantec’s Internet Security Threat Report, porn sites are, by and large, safer for web surfers than sites dedicated to faith and religion? If irony is getting the opposite …

Facebook, Google Support Program To Help Kids Connect Safely Facebook, Google Support Program To Help Kids Connect Safely

The Family Online Safety Institute has announced A Platform for Good. The program is designed to help kids, teenagers, parents, and teachers connect and share safely on the internet. The program has been endorsed by some of the biggest names …

Facebook Photos of Amputees Used on Porn Sites Facebook Photos of Amputees Used on Porn Sites
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When you put a photo of yourself on Facebook, few think about the fact that the photo can be copied and disseminated for any number of purposes. Whether it be to advertise a product, become the butt of an internet …

Yahoo Launches New Website For Safer Internet Day

Yahoo said today it is launching Yahoo Safely, ahead of Safer Internet Day on February 8, in an effort to create safer online experiences for young people.

Yahoo Safely allows users in  26 countries and 14 languages to access information and advices on making better choices online. The site aims to to inform parents, educators, and young people in their own languages about important topics, such as managing digital reputations, avoiding cyber-bullying, and learning how to minimize risks on mobile devices.

AOL Gives Parents Tool for Eavesdropping on Kids’ Social Networking

AOL has released the results from a new survey, conducted by Nielsen, about parenting and social networking. The survey found that over half of children don’t knows all of their "friends" personally.

The survey also found that 76% of parents with kids on Facebook have "friended" their teenagers, while 29% of these teens would un-friend their parents if they were given the option. Heartwarming isn’t it? These kids are twice as likely to un-friend their mothers as opposed to their fathers.

Yahoo: Child Safety a Company Priority
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Yahoo has released some findings from a survey about how parents monitor children’s online behavior. The company says it makes safety a company priority by supporting efforts to educate children, parents, adults, and communities about safe online experiences. Yahoo takes a "multi-faceted approach in promoting a safer online experience," Yahoo spokesperson Terrell Karlsten tells WebProNews.

Facebook And PTA Partner On Internet Child Safety

Facebook is partnering with the National PTA to promote safe Internet use to kids, parents and teachers.

The goal of the partnership is to provide information, support and news to encourage citizenship online, cut down on cyberbullying and improve Internet safety and security.

Facebook Redesigns Its Safety Center

Facebook said today it has introduced a new redesigned Safety Center with new resources aimed at informing parents, educators, teens and members of law enforcement about tools for staying safe on the popular social network.

The new Safety Center now has four times the number of pages focused on safety topics than was previously available.

FTC Promoting Online Child Safety

The Federal Trade Commission reported to Congress it is getting the word out about Internet safety for children by heavily promoting a new free booklet, "Net Cetera: Chatting with Kids About Being Online," to schools, law enforcement agencies and PTAs across the U.S.

UK Launches Initiative To Keep Children Safe Online

Officials in the UK have announced plans to require children beginning at age 5 to be taught about online safety starting in 2011.

The new initiative called "Click Clever Click Safe" was created by the UK Council for Child Internet Safety (UKCCIS).

Facebook Forms Board For Online Safety

Facebook has formed a Safety Advisory Board with five safety organizations from North America and Europe in an effort to better protect its 350 million global users.

The five organizations on the board are Common Sense Media, ConnectSafely, WiredSafety, Childnet International and The Family Online Safety Institute.

New UK Group Aims To Protect Children Online

A new online watchdog group has been created in the UK to help protect children from harmful content on the Web such as bullying and pornography.

MySpace Announces Safety Principles
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MySpace and 49 attorneys general from across the United States have agreed to a joint effort to promote safety principles to increase teen’s online safety.

The Joint Statement on Key Principles of Social Networking Sites Safety include tools, technology education and law enforcement cooperation. The attorneys general called on other social networking sites to adopt the principles regarding online safety.