Facebook And PTA Partner On Internet Child Safety

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Facebook is partnering with the National PTA to promote safe Internet use to kids, parents and teachers.

The goal of the partnership is to provide information, support and news to encourage citizenship online, cut down on cyberbullying and improve Internet safety and security.

The National PTA said it will use its website to reach out to the 24,000 local PTAs across the country with a goal of reaching every American public school. Facebook will raise awareness of resources for parents, teachers and children using its service on other parts of the site, including the safety center.


"Nothing is more important to us than the safety and well being of the people, especially the many teenagers, who use Facebook," says Sheryl Sandberg, Chief Operating Officer of Facebook.

"Only through the constant and concerted effort of parents, teachers, law enforcement and industry can we keep kids safe and help them develop into tomorrow's leaders. We are proud to be working with National PTA toward that goal."

Facebook and the PTA plan to consult with many child safety, education and technology experts to collect, build and maintain a set of multi-media education resources for the initiative.  The program will include input from Facebook's global Safety Advisory Board as well.