Dads Spend 50% More Time Online with their Kids [Infographic]

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The old cliche that dads are too busy to spend any time with their kids is the subject of this next inforgraphic from online Yes it's more common to see images of moms helping their children study and learn about life, but what is portrayed and what actually is are two different things. In fact, 82% of dads today view the responsibility of raising children as equal between a man and a women.

Dads spend 50% more time online with their children than mothers do. I think that makes a lot sense. Think about Phil Dunphy from ABC's Modern Family. In many ways this fictional character resembles a lot of real dads. He's crazy about technology and he loves spending time with his kids. Women are just as busy as men these days and everyone has to lend a hand raising the children.

Take a look at this graphic, it's loaded with fun facts about modern dads and modern families in general. It certainly does challenge the tired cliche that the mother is the one most invested in the children's education and overall well-being. Dads are still saying that work is the number one obstacle getting in the way of parenting, but as you'll see, it is starting to get in the way a lot less.


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