Facebook, Google Support Program To Help Kids Connect Safely

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The Family Online Safety Institute has announced A Platform for Good. The program is designed to help kids, teenagers, parents, and teachers connect and share safely on the internet. The program has been endorsed by some of the biggest names in the tech, social media, telecommunications, and search. Partner organizations include Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo!, AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon.

A Platform for Good has three main goals. As part of the program, kids and teens will have access to a variety of interactive and incentive-based activities geared toward teaching them how to navigate the internet safely and become responsible digital citizens. Parents will receive text and social networking messages with tips for teaching their kids internet safety, and conversation starters that will help them talk to their kids. Teachers will receive instructional materials including videos and web-based activities designed to help them introduce internet safety concepts into their classrooms.

The goal of the program, says FOSI CEO Stephen Balkam, is “to transform the [online safety] discussion and create resources to inform, inspire, and empower kids to make the right choices online.” Rather than focusing exclusively on the dangers lurking around the internet, the goal of the program is to take “a positive and holistic approach to digital citizenship education.”

The Family Online Safety Institute is an international nonprofit organization that focuses on making the internet a safer place for children and families. A Platform for Good will launch in September, though you can sign up to receive more information on the platform’s website today.

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