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Tips for Protecting Your Identity Online, Featuring Aidan J Cassidy

It seems that hardly a day goes by anymore that we don’t hear about some major security breach on the Internet. As the masses communicate and transact using their computers, smartphones, and tablets, more of our personal information is being …

Rebecca Black, No, The Other Rebecca Black: A Facebook Identity Problem Rebecca Black, No, The Other Rebecca Black: A Facebook Identity Problem
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Rebecca Black wants you to know that she’s not Rebecca Black. In fact, the “about” information on her page reads in all caps: I AM NOT THE SINGER!!!! Rebecca Black’s Facebook page tells you that she is an “ACSM Certified …

Google’s Open Web Advocate Talks White House Web ID Plan
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As previously reported, the White House is working on a "National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace" or NSTIC, in which it has placed the Commerce Department in charge of an "Identity Ecosystem". The initiative has drawn a mixture of praise and criticism, and judging by our own readers’ comments, there is a whole lot of criticism. More on this here.

Job Search: Your Online Identity Plays a Role

Traditionally, a well-polished resume and rock solid interview technique were the standards that job seekers aspired to when venturing out to find new employment. As the Internet has become more of a user-generated medium, however, blog posts and online photo albums send just as important a message to potential employers about your character.