Rebecca Black, No, The Other Rebecca Black: A Facebook Identity Problem

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Rebecca Black wants you to know that she's not Rebecca Black.

In fact, the "about" information on her page reads in all caps: I AM NOT THE SINGER!!!!

Rebecca Black's Facebook page tells you that she is an "ACSM Certified Personal Trainer with a passion for changing people's lives through fitness." She is a fitness bikini model who has participated in multiple competitions since she completed her "personal weight loss journey" that she began in 2008.

Of course that is not an accurate description of the Rebecca Black you might know, the teenager responsible for that little YouTube-driven pop culture phenomenon known as "Friday."

TMZ talked to Rebecca Black the bikini competitor recently:

Black (bikini) tells TMZ ... sometime in the past week, her friend list on Facebook exploded from 800 friends to 73,000 ... and she had no idea how it happened. Black started getting emails from upset fans of the singer -- accusing her of intentionally hijacking the 14-year-old's page ... but Black (bikini) claims she never tried to steal anyone's identity.

She claims that Facebook is to blame for this mix up, saying that they merged her account with the YouTube sensation's account without her permission.

That accusation is unconfirmed. What is true is that when you search all results for "Rebecca Black" on Facebook, Black (bikini) is the very top page. She currently has 72, 374 likes. Right below her is the fan page of Rebecca Black (Friday). She currently has 59, 920 likes. Given, there are dozens of other pages devoted to Rebecca Black (Friday) like "Rebecca Black is a disgrace to music" and "That awkward moment when Rebecca Black doesn't know which seat to take." And those pages also have 25 thousand and 265 thousand likes, respectively.

But they are all below Miss Black's (bikini) page. 59,000 likes does seem a little low for the Rebecca Black (Friday) page. Maybe Facebook did cause Black (bikini) some unnecessary grief.

Here are a couple of pics from Black's (bikini) Facebook page -

...And here's Black (Friday) hipstered up for your amusement -

I'm not sure how people could have mixed up the two pages, unless they really weren't paying attention.

Having a common name in the world of social media can be a pain. But most of the time on Facebook, the "celebrity" name is displayed at the top of search results. For instance, a search for the common name of "George Bush" displays all President George W. Bush pages in the top 10 results. Similarly, a search for the common name of "Michael Jordan" displays pages about the basketball player first.

Have you ever had any name mix-ups on social media? Let us know in the comments.

UPDATE: Rebecca Black (bikini) made a pretty funny appearance on TMZ live.

About her now-famous name:

She's had reservations cancelled because they thought it was a prank and had to show her ID at Panera because they didn't believe it was her real name.

She also says he's sick of the Friday references: "I now hate that song, and that day Friday."

About the guys commenting on her posts on Facebook: People making comments assuming I'm a 14 year old girl are kind of creepy."

According to Black, a popular YouTube song is not in here future: "I work out and I look pretty. Singing is not my forte."

Perhaps the best quote from the interview deals with her inability to get any info from Facebook about everything: "I could probably get a hold of Barack Obama before i could get a hold of someone from Facebook."

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