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Jim Gaffigan’s “Mr Universe” Launches Straight To Fans

Let’s call it the wave of direct comedy. Today, another high-profile comedian has launched their new standup special from their website, straight to fans, without any middleman to speak of. The eternally pale Jim Gaffigan’s special “Mr. Universe” is now available to stream and download for the now-standard price of $5. From his site: Mr Universe is my all new …

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Aziz Ansari Joins Louis C.K., Releases New Standup Online

Comedian and actor (Parks & Recreation) Aziz Ansari is joining the ranks of high-profile comedians that are cutting out the middleman and releasing their work straight to the internet masses. On Tuesday, he released his new standup special, Dangerously Delicious on his own site for $5. For that one-time fee, viewers unlock 3 streams and 5 high-quality downloads. The hour-long …

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It’s Official: Streaming Video Consumers Watching Less TV

Until recently, Nielsen’s data suggested that the heaviest media consumers were the heaviest across every type of media – streaming, mobile, standard TV, etc. Basically, that meant that if you watched a lot of streaming content online, then you also watched a lot of television. In their latest Cross Platform Report, they found that simply isn’t the case anymore. A …

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Global Consumers Willing To Pay For Some Online Content

Many global consumers are willing to pay for some online content or are open to increased advertising, but attitudes vary greatly by geography, demographics and content type, according to a new survey by Nielsen.

Nielsen polled more than 27,000 consumers in 54 countries to determine attitudes about paying for online content and to gauge what types of content consumers were most likely to support financially.

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