Wii Mini Coming to the U.K. on March 22

Wii Mini Coming to the U.K. on March 22

By Sean Patterson February 26, 2013

Sales of Nintendo‘s Wii U haven’t haven’t been quite as high as the company had been hoping. In January, fewer than 100,000 Wii U’s were sold worldwide and Nintendo recently revised down its quarterly sales estimates. So what’s Nintendo to …

Super Mario Galaxy 2.5 Trailer Released Super Mario Galaxy 2.5 Trailer Released

As PC gamers will tell you, mods for games are often more fun and creative than the original games themselves. Anyone who has installed the Macho Man Randy Savage dragon mod for Skyrim would have to agree. Most of the …

Wii U Launch Delayed For Europe, Pushed Back to December Wii U Launch Delayed For Europe, Pushed Back to December


Nintendo has run into manufacturing problems and will soon push back the release date of its upcoming Wii U console in Europe. According to a Computer and Video Games (CVG) report, Europe will see the console launch in early December, …

Wreck-It Ralph Video Game Headed to Nintendo Systems Wreck-It Ralph Video Game Headed to Nintendo Systems

Generally, tie-in video games based on movies are never very good, and usually feature slapped-together gameplay created on a budget to capitalize on the movie’s brand. However, when the video game is based on a movie that is based on …

Kirby’s Dream Collection Teaser Trailer Will Revive Your Childhood Kirby’s Dream Collection Teaser Trailer Will Revive Your Childhood

Nintendo announced a new collection of Kirby games back in April, but it was somewhat overshadowed by the simultaneous announcement of New Super Mario Bros. 2. The details on the Kirby game were slim, with Nintendo only stating that the …

Nintendo Wii Price Cut On The Way? Nintendo Wii Price Cut On The Way?

Now you won’t have any excuse not to grab a Wii, sports resort and play those love handles away. Engadget is reporting that a trusted source has informed them that Nintendo’s little white console will be dropping $50, from $200 …

Surf the Earth with Google and Your Wii

Showing an example of how developers can do some really cool stuff with the Google Earth API, Google Earth iPhone Engineer David Phillip Oster has created a program that allows people to "surf" any region on the Earth’s surface using the balance board for the Nintendo Wii.

Oster used the Google Earth Browser plug-in and a javascript API, and the board transmits the person’s movements to the application using Bluetooth. See it in action:

Gamers Sticking With XP, Searching For Wii

Go to a retailer like Target early some morning, and you’ll likely find a group of non-employees waiting to be let in.  When the doors open, a race to the electronics department ensues, and the cashiers get busy.  So since gamers are so willing to spend money, two new reports take a look at where their interests lie.

‘Tis The Season For Price Gouging

Call it a consequence of the free market, the law of supply and demand, or just good old-fashioned opportunism. I’ll leave the ethics debate up to you. After all, is it really any different than selling Guitar Hero III for $9,000?

Ugg, Wii Obsess Holiday Searchers
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The scarce Nintendo Wii ranked as the most searched-for item during the holidays, while Ugg boots drew the most luxury item queries.

U.S. Video Game Sales Hit $1.1 Billion

Market research firm NPD is reporting that U.S. sales of video game hardware and software increased 73 percent in October.

Total sales reached $1.1 billion, compared with $643 million a year earlier. The Nintendo Wii console moved back into the top spot as the best selling console. Nintendo sold 519,000 Wiis, Microsoft sold 366,000 Xbox 360 consoles and Sony sold 121,000 of its PlayStation 3 consoles.

Over One Third of U.S. Adults Own a Game Console

Nielsen//NetRatings says that more than one third of US adults online, 36.5 percent own a game console, and another 15.9 percent own a portable game console. Game consoles have become popular with all ages and are considered to be a major part of America’s home entertainment systems.

When it comes to who owns consoles, 71 percent are married and 66 percent have at least one child in the household. Because of video game ratings from the Entertainment Software Rating Board, home video games can be entertainment for the whole family.

Wii To Launch In November?

The rumor mill began buzzing away yesterday evening when an "inside source" at Nintendo was apparently badgered into giving up a tentative release date for the hotly anticipated Wii game console. As rumors go, several people think it might very definitely be November 6th. From Cubed:

Wii’ve Got A Price and Wiimote VoIP
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We have news and a rumor regarding Nintendo’s latest incarnation, Wii. It will come reasonably priced for the gamer market, according to the company’s US financial report. And it just may be that the Wiimote will be VoIP enabled.