Amazon Instant Video Hits Wii Consoles

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Better late than never. Nintendo of America today announced that Amazon Instant Video is now available for the original Wii console. The service has been available for the Wii U since late 2012, just before that console's TVii service came online.

Wii owners can now grab the Amazon Instant Video app from the Wii Shop Channel for free. After registering their Wii console using both the Wii and the Amazon website, users can browse through movies and TV shows for purchase or rental. Amazon Prime subscribers gain access to free streaming titles through the Wii, just as on other platforms.

Though it would have seemed unlikely just one year ago, Amazon has successfully turned its fledgling video streaming service into a real competitor to Netflix's Watch Instantly service. It accomplished this by using its considerable resources and influence with Hollywood studios, which sells millions of DVDs through Amazon every year. Last year Amazon inked deals with ESPN, NBCUniversal, and EPIX - a joint venture between MGM, Viacom, and Lionsgate. The company also managed to put an Amazon Instant Video app on the other two major video game consoles (the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3) as well as many new "smart" TVs being sold.