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Warren Buffett Declares Free News Unsustainable

When Warren Buffett speaks, Wall Street listens. The 81-year-old Chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway has used his keen business sense to become one of the richest men in the world. So, when Warren Buffett says that free news is bad business, publications around the world might want to take a second look at their business models. Buffett’s proclamation came …

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Say Goodbye To Ye Olde Editorial Process

There may always be a place for paper. This isn’t about that – the likelihood that print is on the verge of extinction – but rather how a new generation of editors and writers present the news in a digital world. The new format for news – there must always be a standard eventually – is evolving, as dinosaurs wheeze and choke.

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The Death of the Rate Card

I can always tell how healthy a magazine is just by looking at it.  If it looks like it’s been eating well and lifting weights, I figure it’s doing fine.  But when I see those anorexic magazines that fold over like soggy pizza when I pick them up, I know they’re in trouble.  Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot more anorexic magazines, and a lot fewer hearty ones.  In the meantime, if my computer were a magazine, it’d be fat and robust.

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