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NFL To Stream Sunday Night Games Live
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The National Football League said today that it will stream entire games live on the Internet.

The NFL has partnered with NBC to stream Sunday Night Football Extra on NBCSports.com and NFL.com. It is the first time that the NFL has made entire games available online.

Fans will be able to select different camera angles for the live streaming games, have access to game highlights, statistics and updates from NBC.

Redlasso Closes Blogger Access Due To Lawsuit

Online video news sharing site Redlasso said today that it is suspending blogger access to its video search and clipping service while it fights a copyright infringement lawsuit filed this week by NBC and Fox News Channel.

The company said it will continue to provide services to its business and radio clients.

Jimmy Fallon Wetting Late Show Feet Online
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Spending thirty years at one institutional American TV spot is so for the Carson era long gone. Late night talk show hosts in the new era move around a bit, leaving noobs at the helm more frequently. Because Jimmy Fallon will need some time to develop as smooth a stride as his predecessor, veteran producer Lorne Michaels is slapping training wheels on "Late Night" by letting Fallon wobble around the Internet.

NBC Selling Online Olympic Ads At Solid Pace
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At least a few serious sports fans are probably ready and waiting to start watching the Olympics online.  And a new report indicates that NBC is mostly prepared to bombard them with commercials before and during events.

NBC Ready To Make ‘Heroes’ Of Web Programming

When the mailman arrives on Monday, July 14, on the NBC website, he’ll find himself delivering a new ability in the debut of webisodes of the popular superpowered series.

NBC Online Olympic Coverage Limited
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NBC will provide over 2,200 live hours of the Beijing Olympic Games for online viewing, along with live blogging, daily recaps, and 3,000 hours of highlights on demand.

NBC paid $3.5 billion to the International Olympics Committee to broadcast five Olympic Games through 2008. The event will only be available exclusively on NBCOlympics.com, with no other Web sites allowed to feature video from the Games online.

NBC.com To Release Online TV Data

NBC will become the first major broadcast network to release traffic data for the online streams of its full episodes on NBC.com including demographic figures.

The program-specific streaming data will be released through Nielsen Online VideoCensus. NBC said the initiative is part of an "effort to deliver transparent metrics that provide more effective 360-degree planning and analysis tools."

MySpace, NBC Partner On Decision ’08 Convention Contest

The importance of social networks in modern politics has been proven numerous times as the presidential race has progressed.  Now, perhaps as a sort of reward, two MySpace users will be sent to report on the Democratic and Republican national conventions.

Microsoft Zune Scores More Content
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In an effort to compete with Apple, Microsoft said today that it is adding downloadable television shows from Comedy Central, MTV, NBC, and others to its online Zune store.

The new content also includes programs from Nickelodeon, Turner Broadcasting and VH1, Microsoft said. Titles include "South Park" which is already available for free online, "The Office", "Battlestar Galactica", "Heroes" and "Spongebob SquarePants."

NBC Back On YouTube

Back in October, NBC took its popular, officially-sanctioned clips off YouTube in favor of their coming Hulu. I (and many others) derided the decision:

[I]s it really wise to pull your content from the most popular video site online to put it on your own untested, unproven and apparently behind-schedule video site? On the Internet, you have to go where the people are—it’s not an ‘if you build it, they will come’ world anymore.

MySpace Launches “Decision ’08″ With NBC News
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MySpace has formed a partnership with NBC News and msnbc.com to launch Decision ’08 which will be focused on election coverage and will be part of MySpace’s Impact channel.

Hulu Set To Launch Publicly
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Hulu the online joint video venture between News Corp and NBC Universal will make its public debut on Wednesday.

The video site will feature free, ad-supported full length TV episodes along with movies from NBC, Fox and more than 50 media companies including Sony Pictures and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. Some of the TV offerings on Hulu include "The Simpsons", "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and 100 films including "The Big Lebowski" and "Mulholand Drive."

iVillage Show Canceled
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If you have anything to do with iVillage, now might be a good time to back away.  Last week, we received word that 13 employees had been laid off.  Fresh reports indicate that the "In the Loop With iVillage" show has been canceled.

NBC Gets LX.TV For Local Programming

No one’s claiming that this deal is huge; it only concerns local television programming, and the rumored acquisition price is less than $10 million.  What’s interesting is that the deal involves NBC and an online startup.NBC Gets LX.TV For Local Programming

AT&T Concessions Prove Meaningless

Remember how after AT&T made Net Neutrality concessions to get their merger with BellSouth approved, FCC Chairman Kevin Martin was so quick to remind everybody that the FCC had no teeth to enforce that? Well, the lack of teeth is coming back to bite us.

Let’s review. At the end of 2006, Martin had this to say about making sure AT&T followed it’s own commitment to maintaining a neutral network:

NBC Universal’s Pure Content Company at CES
The International Consumer Electronics Show every January in Vegas is one of the largest trade shows in the world and usually the one event that drives the world gadget wild. 

Imb_ceslogo Featuring international debuts of all kinds of new products, some of the early buzz abou

NBC Direct Launches Free TV Show Downloads

It’s been a big fortnight for NBC—first Hulu launched, now NBC Direct launches. Announced in September, NBC Direct is a service designed to allow viewers to download NBC shows for free.

NBC Ditches YouTube

NBC has pulled its YouTube promotional channel, along with its content, to support the network’s joint venture with News Corp., a video site called Hulu.

NBC/News Corp: U Can’t Touch This

With its own site for its copyrighted video content due out this month, NBC is already getting a little touchy. Peter Chernin, president and COO of News Corp, chides that Google “could do a better job” of policing for copyrighted content on YouTube, saying:

Fox to Offer Free Shows via iTunes

Did NBC jump ship too soon? TechCrunch reports that now Fox will be offering their shows for free download via iTunes. The deal will feature season premiere episodes of Fox shows including Prison Break, Bones, American Dad and K-Ville—mostly returning shows. Fox hopes to expose more viewers to its shows.

TV Networks and Online Networking

NBC isn’t the only one making moves online. ABC, CBS and MTV are also in the news today for their online strategies.

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