Police Investigating Fight On California Freeway

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Apparently it is fight night on the 5! Today a video is going viral about a fight that took place on an access road to interstate 5 in Los Angeles on June 12th. The video starts as the car pulls up and sees an African American guy yelling at 3 Latino guys. Things escalated fairly quickly and they decided they were going to fight. This fight was agreed upon by both parties! This wasn't a case of them jumping him until halfway through the fight.

So the fight starts with both men putting up their respective dukes. The black guy seems like he may have had some training and tries to end it quick with a front kick. He misses the first one and when he tries the second one it gets caught. He escapes and they start to swing at each other and it is apparent that the black guy is getting the upper hand. Thats when the second Latino guy jumps in.


This is where it turn bad fast for the black guy because he is quickly overwhelmed by the other 2 guys. It eventually ends with him being knocked out by a kick to the face when he is trying to get up. Then the bad part, which is really terrible in my opinion, happens when the 2 Latino guys each kick him square in the head twice while he is knocked out. I'm not quite sure the exact charge, but I do know that kicking someone in the head at all in California is a very serious crime. Like multiple years in prison serious.


An arrest has been made in this incident. David Mendez, 21, and Edras Ramirez, 27, turned themselves in to a California Highway Patrol investigative services office in Hollywood at about 7:30 p.m. Wednesday and were arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon.

Why they turned themselves in is a mystery though because no one knew who they were. Nobody involved in the fight went to a hospital or contacted the CHP. "We had no reports, no victim, until this (video) surfaced," Officer Ming Hsu said. "So without this video we more than likely wouldn't have heard about it." The men obviously started to feel the guilt after the video went viral and was all over the news in Southern California.

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