Watch Super Bowl Online: NBC Start Time, Kickoff Time, Super Bowl Odds


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The Super Bowl is today. You probably already knew that. You might not have caught on to the fact that the Super Bowl isn’t only a TV event this year - it’s coming to a Web browser or smartphone near you.

That’s right, folks. The Super Bowl will be broadcast live online for the first time ever this year. NBC Sports has been kind enough to give us a real treat this year by offering two options on top of the traditional TV viewing model that we all know and love.

First and foremost, the game is being broadcast on If you go there now, you’ll be able to catch the pre-game show that started at 10 a.m. and will continue until 4 p.m. The game is also coming to you courtesy of the NFL mobile app that will allow you to watch it from any Verizon smartphone.

The kick-off is at 6:30 p.m. EST so be sure to be in front of your TV before then. If not, the Internet has you covered. The livestream of the game online has a few distinct features that avid football fans are going to want to check out. While the televised version will feature multiple camera angles, the online version will feature four unique camera angles that fans can pick and choose for the best experience. It brings DVR-lite functionality to the game as well allowing fans to rewind and pause the game to watch the sure to be stupendous plays again. Finally, the livestream will allow fans to share their favorite moments via Facebook and Twitter.

For the betting types out there, we got you covered as well. The Wynn sports book in Las Vegas became the first book to post the Super Bowl line of Patriots -2 on Saturday afternoon. Most sports books have New England favored by -2.5 to -3 points. Keep yourself updated as those odds are likely to keep changing until the game starts.

We got more Super Bowl coverage coming your way today, so stay tuned.