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Matt Lauer Certainly Has a Sweet Ride to Work Every Day — A Helicopter

Today show cohost Matt Lauer certainly has a sweet ride to work from his residence in the Hamptons to the NBC studios in New York City. The network is reportedly so determined to keep Lauer at the Today show that …

Tom Brokaw: Newsman Reveals He Has Bone Cancer
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Tom Brokaw released a statement via NBC News regarding his diagnosis. Brokaw, 74, was at the Mayo Clinic when he received the diagnosis for multiple myeloma last August. In his statement, the NBC news veteran of nearly 50 years reassures …

Justin Bieber’s Dad: Is He The Real Problem?

You’ve heard the saying before. How “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree,” right? Well apparently, the marijuana seed doesn’t fall far from the plant either, because Justin Bieber’s Dad, Jeremy Bieber, is said to be the main one …

Xbox Live Gets a New NBC News App Xbox Live Gets a New NBC News App

A new Xbox Live update launching today is bringing a whole new variety of content on the game console. Joining popular content apps like Netflix, Hulu Plus, HBO Go, YouTube, Amazon Instant video, and MLB.TV is NBC News, which will …

NBC News Twitter Gets Hacked, Spreads False Terrorist Attack Information NBC News Twitter Gets Hacked, Spreads False Terrorist Attack Information

With the significance of the weekend quickly building into its emotional crescendo, people are sensitive to any mention of an attack on the United States. So when a prominent television channel finds that their Twitter feed has been hacked and …

NBC Launches Video Trivia Game On Facebook
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NBC News has launched a new video trivia game application on Facebook called "What’s Your  iCue?"

The video trivia game was developed by NBC Learn, the educational division of NBC News. The game allows Facebook users to answer questions based on video footage from NBC News archives. Users have 30 seconds to answer questions and can play the game in real time with their Facebook friends.