Meta Alert: A Short Film of Films Inside Other Films

Meta Alert: A Short Film of Films Inside Other Films

By Josh Wolford July 19, 2013 | 1 Comment

What you’re about to see is a celebration of the movies at one of its most confusing, but oddly purest forms. It’s a compilation video of movies being featured in other movies. Do you remember when the prisoners in The …

Google Explains Meta Tags
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Search engines pay attention to some tags, and none to others. Remember when the ‘keywords’ meta tag mattered? Ah, the good old days.

Debunking WordPress SEO “Expert” Articles

I am going to attempt to debunk almost every Wordpress SEO "Expert" article ever written, and in some respects this article even debunks some of the things I have written in the past.

Misspellings: The Fate of the Keywords Meta Tag

Meta Tags were once a major player in SEO. With the advancement of search engine algorithms, meta tags become less and less significant. The description meta tag is still used for your search engine snippets, but the keywords meta tag has been disregarded by all the major search engines.

Nofollow Outbound Links on Home & Category Pages

As you might have seen, I have now nofollowed all outbound links on my homepage and category pages.

Seven More Questions About SEO

Rand Fishkin followed up his original ten questions (plus bonus) on SEO knowledge with the answers, and some new questions from Danny Sullivan for everyone’s perusal.

Unavailable After: Google Plans New Meta Tag

The unavailable_after meta tag on a web page tells a spider when it should stop indexing a particular page.

Blogspot and SEO

Well it never just rains. It has to pour. I made an offer of some free SEO reviews a while back and a nasty confluence of happenings has upset my apple cart.

But I’m going to try and get some advice out to a few more people now. And this is going to be the toughest task I’ve had in a while. You see it never dawned on me that so many folk would be on hosted blogs. Let’s just say that optimising Blogspot is not a straight forward task.

Ensuring a Page is NOT Indexed by Search Engines

Dear Kalena…

I want to publish a private page on the web, that only I and a few other people will use. How can I ensure that this page is NOT picked up by search engines?

It will be a wiki style page, so there may be lots of content which could be indexed by the Search Engines. This is what I want to avoid.

Google On Making Use Of Robots Meta Tags

Owing to Danny Sullivan’s post on how search engines handle meta tags, Google’s Vanessa Fox has written a post on how Google handles these tags.

Unique Meta Descriptions

Some time back we reported Google’s Advice: Use Meta description Tag. A Search Engine Watch Forums thread intricately expounds the importance of meta description.

Whenever for a site: command you see this

‘In order to show you the most relevant results, we have omitted some entries very similar to the 1 already displayed. If you like, you can repeat the search with the omitted results included’

SEO for Web 2.0

On Wednesday I went to a Silicon Valley WebGuild event at Google on what I thought would be a discussion on SEO for Web 2.0. I thought I would hear discussions on optimizing Flex and AJAX and learning how we could make these Web 2.0 Technologies more search engine friendly. Instead, the discussion was more focused on how Web 2.0 companies were using SEO. Which is completely different, especially when you consider that the two Web 2.0 companies featured -LinkedIn and Engage - acknowledge their success to viral marketing as opposed to SEO.

SES: Your Video Wants A Meta Tag
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During an early session at SES Chicago 2006, the speakers on the topic of video optimization all made a similar suggestion – keep that meta data identifiable so your video will be too. Chris Richardson of WebProNews was on hand to pick up the details.

SES: Video Search Needs Audio Content

To get one’s videos indexed correctly by the search engines dedicated to that content, it’s the spoken word rather than the pretty pictures that matter most. Mike McDonald listened in on the expert panel at SES Chicago discussing the process.

Google Recommends Using Meta Description Tag

Whether Google uses meta keywords tag or not, has always been a confusion. However, Google’s Vanessa Fox recommends using meta description tag for each page

Zippy: New Meta Search Engine

Zippy is a new meta search engine that queries other major engines and returns results in a format most suited for Webmasters and SEOs. The site was launched in September by the seasoned SEO Dave Naylor, and provides some valuable tools for site optimization.

jux2 Desktop Search Widget

It looks like the meta search engine jux2 has added a desktop search widget so you can do a combined search on Google, Yahoo and MSN without going to your browser.