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Should Facebook Monitor Chats to Help Snag Child Predators?

Let’s face it; social media and privacy are always going to be two warring parties. Sure, privacy controls help users define who can see what on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest (and some sites offer simpler, more accessible privacy options than others). But in the end, social networks are social – you’re actively sharing content with the world. Anybody …

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Facebook Improves Messages with Side-by-Side View, Multiple Photo Functionality

With the old Facebook Messages layout, all of your messages were laid out in descending order (most recent at the top). When you clicked on a particular thread, you were taken to a different page where the message thread was displayed. Facebook has just announced that you’ll no longer have to navigate back and forth between your inbox and your …

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Here’s How To Stop Facebook’s “Message Seen” Feature

Last month, users slowly began to notice that Facebook chat (messages) had a new feature. Right under sent messages, in the chat box appeared a light gray notification that simply said “Seen XX:XXpm.” We quickly learned that Facebook’s new feature allowed people to see when their conversation partner sees a message, and some users had a collective freakout. When you …

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Facebook Embraces The Winky Face, Adds Emoticons To Chat

If you’ve logged onto Facebook this morning and initiated a chat with one of your buddies, you may have noticed that there’s a new little icon at the bottom right of you text box. And it’s smiling at you. Click on it and you’ll see that Facebook has officially added emoticons to its official messaging options. As of now, there …

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Messages Beta For OS X Lion Disappears From Apple’s Website

Back in February Apple shocked pretty much everybody by announcing OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion without warning. At the time, they released a developer preview of Mountain Lion, as well as a public beta of one of Mountain Lion’s tentpole features: Messages. Just like Messages on iOS, Messages for OS X allows users to sync their iMessage conversations across devices. …

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Messages Beta Launched Alongside OS X Mountain Lion Preview

Today, Apple released a developer preview of their new OS X Mountain Lion. It’s set to bring some popular things from iOS to the Mac like Messages, Notes, Reminders, and the Notification Center. That dev preview includes the all new Messages app which does away with iChat and allows for users to send and receive free messages, photos, and videos. …

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