Facebook Embraces The Winky Face, Adds Emoticons To Chat

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If you've logged onto Facebook this morning and initiated a chat with one of your buddies, you may have noticed that there's a new little icon at the bottom right of you text box.

And it's smiling at you.

Click on it and you'll see that Facebook has officially added emoticons to its official messaging options. As of now, there are 21 different offerings - 19 faces, a heart, and even the trademark Facebook "like." Now, you can let your friends know that you approve of their last message in the official Facebook manner.

"You can now easily add smiley faces and other emoticons to a conversation when you're chatting with your friends. Look for the icon in the bottom right corner of your chat window and emote away," said Facebook in a tip.

Of course, users have been able to add emoticons, rage faces, and even faces of friends and famous people to Facebook chat with certain codes. But having a handy emoticon menu allows us all to embrace our inner tween.

As of now, the new emoticon menu only appears in Facebook chat (not within messages although the two are linked) and only on your desktop.

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