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Portia de Rossi, Ellen DeGeneres Take Birthday Selfies

Portia de Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres shared some lovely selfies with their fans just ahead of Ellen’s 57th birthday. Despite the talk show host’s dry humor and hilarious antics, these photos depicted the softer, sweeter side to this married couple. …

Mercedes-Benz CLA 250 Has A $30,000 Price Tag

That’s right. Your friends laughed in the past at your pie-in-the-sky plans to posses a Mercedes someday. But you can take a ball-peen to that piggy bank of yours, because your day has finally arrived in the cramped backseat of …

Mercedes Bringing Siri To Its A Class Mercedes Bringing Siri To Its A Class
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Mercedes Benz has always been at the fore front of automobile technology. 4 wheel independent suspension in 1931, crash test program in 1958, antilock brakes in 1978. Some of these were pioneered by Mercedes, most were standard in the S-Class …

CES 2012: Mercedes Debuting New Line Of Smart Cars CES 2012: Mercedes Debuting New Line Of Smart Cars
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The one thing that was not expected at CES this year was the emergence of the smart car. Mercedes-Benz USA is introducing and launching mbrace2 today. The service provides drivers top-of-the-line features related to safety, infotainment, personal assistance and vehicle …

Google, TomTom Seal Computer-To-Car Deal

Gosh bless the automotive trickledown; it’s already brought treats like telescoping steering wheels to entry-level vehicles, and now computer-to-car driving directions appear to be on the way.

Mercedes Takes Maps From House To Car

No matter how comfortable your car is, odds are that your house is even more cushy.  The house is also likely to have a better computer, monitor, and keyboard.  So it’s an important breakthrough that will allow American Mercedes-Benz owners to send directions from their computers to their cars.

MSN Pulls A Street-Side Drive-By

The Virtual Earth team at MSN has managed to go from concept to launch in a matter of weeks with their on-the-street perspective of Seattle and San Francisco.