Mercedes Bringing Siri To Its A Class

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Mercedes Benz has always been at the fore front of automobile technology. 4 wheel independent suspension in 1931, crash test program in 1958, antilock brakes in 1978. Some of these were pioneered by Mercedes, most were standard in the S-Class years before they were standard on any other manufactures cars.

Now we get the great announcement that Mercedes is bring Siri to it's economical A-Class. This is part of Mercedes and their smart car initiative introduced at CES. Siri will easily be accessed through the “Digital DriveStyle App.” With this app you will easily be able to control your phone with the push of a button on the steering wheel. Things like Texts, weather, and music will be able to be controlled with Siri.

The technology to seamlessly integrate the iPhone into the A-Class was a joint venture between Mercedes-Benz and Apple to develop the Drive Kit Plus for the Apple iPhone. With this new kit drivers can now access all the key content of their Apple iPhone through the in-vehicle touch screen display or you can use it via the controller on the center armrest.

Now if they could get Siri to drive your car for you, then we could go from New York to San Fransisco in ...... Sorry, I don't understand New York to San Fransisco, do a web search?

As of the press release there is no current release date for the A-Class in the United States.