Tunnels Under Rome Being Mapped to Prevent Further Damage to City

Tunnels Under Rome Being Mapped to Prevent Further Damage to City

By Shana Norris December 3, 2013

An extensive series of ancient tunnels and quarries under Rome are threatening parts of the city that has been built atop them. Many years ago, Rome’s earliest architects discovered that tuff, or rock made of consolidated volcanic ash, was a …

The iPad Debut Of UrbanSpoon

According to Techcrunch, app store veteran, UrbanSpoon, has officially launched their iPad app. I agree with them in that the iPad app will not be useful for quick dinner solutions (like it is when firing up the app on an iPhone), however the iPad app will be useful for longer, more thoughtful decisions. Details of the UrbanSpoon iPad app below:

Googlers Develop Developer Event Calendar

Pamela Fox, of Google Developer Programs, and colleague Austin Chau "hacked up" a new calendar for the developer community at large. Developers will be able to list their upcoming events and parties.

Microsoft Buys Online Map Company

Microsoft has purchased UK online mapping company Multimap.

Google Maps Replaces Hybrid Button with Terrain

Google Maps replaced the button Hybrid with a button reading Terrain (Hybrid used to show a mix between satellite imagery and maps data, such as streets or borders).

Experimental Google Search Options

Google is experimenting with some very cool options for searching. First off, they have show new view: keywords that display additional ways to view / filter search results:

Yahoo Moves Onto Microsoft’s Turf

Yahoo’s going to Bellevue, but it’s Bellevue, Washington, and not New York’s Bellevue Hospital Center, in which the search company will open an office.  You may still have to question Yahoo’s sanity, though, as this move puts it in Microsoft’s territory.

Internet Neighborhood Has Grown Dramatically

Over 2.7 billion addresses have been charted by researchers performing the first Internet census since 1982.

Bite Size Online Marketing

A good portion of our blog readers are small business owners looking to grow their business by expanding their online efforts, or just getting started with their online efforts.

Ask City Draws Up Map Embedding

Users of Ask City can whip out their drawing tools, select an area on a map, search for a relevant business or event, and embed that map on their sites or blogs.

Google Labeled An “Evil Goliath”
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Google’s actions sometimes generate warm fuzzies.  The company can also be kind of creepy.  But in an article titled “Another Reason to Hate Google,” Joseph Farah took it a step further, and wrote, “I want to illustrate to you just how rotten and contemptible the lying thieves who run that corporate monstrosity really are.”

Yahoo! Pipes News Map

An interesting find in this clever Yahoo! Pipe that mashes up news (topic of your choice) with a Yahoo! map.

Google Tries To Protect APEC?
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The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation will meet in Australia’s largest city in about three weeks’ time, but if you seek Google’s help to look at Sydney, you may be out of luck – Google Maps images of the area have become rather fuzzy.

Britain’s Floods Get Mapped By Google

Over the past week or so, Britain has been hit by some really nasty flooding – the worst in 60 years.  Fortunately, no deaths or serious injuries have been reported, and it’s possible that Google helped bring about this positive outcome.

Sundance Channel Goes Green With Google

Kermit the Frog once sang that it wasn’t easy being green, but the Sundance Channel has found that easy to do with Google Maps.

Google (Finally) Gets To Map Russia

Presidents Bush and Putin may not be on the best of terms, but the Russian government is embracing (or at least nodding to) Google; a changed law has allowed the American search engine giant to release a Russia-specific mapping service.

Google: Put Photos on a map, Picasa on Phone

Official Google Blog: Put your photos on a map, and Picasa on your phone: A new Picassa option, ‘Map My Photos’ lets you show exactly where you took your favorite snapshots.

When you share an album with friends, they can see your best photos arrayed on a map (or even Google Earth). It’s the perfect way to showcase a memorable road trip or a globe-trotting vacation.