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Tunnels Under Rome Being Mapped to Prevent Further Damage to City

An extensive series of ancient tunnels and quarries under Rome are threatening parts of the city that has been built atop them. Many years ago, Rome’s earliest architects discovered that tuff, or rock made of consolidated volcanic ash, was a perfect building material. It was strong, yet easily carved into blocks. The soil beneath Rome was layered atop this tuff, …

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Gain A New Appreciation For The Internet By Checking Out This Underwater Cable Map

In today’s modern world, the Internet connects us all with each other. That used to be a much harder task before the advent of fiber optic cables in the 1980s. Now cables are being laid all over the world, including under the ocean, to connect us all to the magic of the Internet. Of course, we should never take the …

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Forget Tubes, The Internet Is More Like The Universe

One of the most humorous moments in the history of the Internet was when Alaskan Senator Ted Stevens referred to it as a “series of tubes.” While we all had a laugh, it was also indicative of the vast misunderstanding that’s present when people think of the Internet. It’s hard to actually draw an accurate map of the Internet and …

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Game of Thrones Minecraft Project Maps King’s Landing

Game of Throne fans, your favorite Minecraft project has arrived. A King’s Landing map picked up on reddit, generating a large enough buzz that it made its way to me. According to their website, there are 5-7 people working on its construction, and as of February 27th, they’re 10% done. Looking pretty hefty already for a project being 10% completed. …

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