Gain A New Appreciation For The Internet By Checking Out This Underwater Cable Map

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In today's modern world, the Internet connects us all with each other. That used to be a much harder task before the advent of fiber optic cables in the 1980s. Now cables are being laid all over the world, including under the ocean, to connect us all to the magic of the Internet.

Of course, we should never take the Internet for granted. We should also appreciate all the hard work that went into making the world an interconnected community with the Internet. A new map from TeleGeography and Telecom Egypt should help puts things into perspective as it lays out all the underwater Internet cables that are currently in existence on this earth. It's awe-inspiring stuff. Here's a few of the major underwater thoroughfares:

Internet Under Water

underwater internet

underwater Internet

You can check out the full interactive map here. It contains a number of interesting stats that should make you really appreciate all the hard work that went into making sure you could communicate with people from all around the world. If you want to learn more about submarine communications cables, check out the Wikipedia article on the subject.

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