Uber CFO Brent Callinicos Steps Down

Uber CFO Brent Callinicos Steps Down

By Josh Wolford March 17, 2015

On-demand car service Uber is saying goodbye to its Chief Financial Officer. Brent Callinicos, who served as CFO of the startup since 2013, is stepping down to spend more time with his family. “For me, this ride is coming to …

LinkedIn Makes It Easier For Recruiters To Identify Company Followers LinkedIn Makes It Easier For Recruiters To Identify Company Followers

LinkedIn announced the launch of a new feature for its LinkedIn Recruiter “Talent Pipeline” tools, which lets you identify and engage with company followers right from Recruiter itself. LinkedIn introduced Talent Pipeline back in April to make it easier for …

Groupon: We Don’t Want Employees’ Facebook Passwords Groupon: We Don’t Want Employees’ Facebook Passwords
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We’ve reported several times about the whole ordeal with employers asking the Facebook passwords of job candidates. It’s been a hot, controversial item this week. Facebook deemed the practice alarming. One senator declared that employers asking for Facebook passwords should …

Multitasking Myth Bad for Business Multitasking Myth Bad for Business

Lots of us get caught up in trying to multitask everyday. The term has become very commonplace. People even brag about their ability to multitask. But, many business leaders are starting to realize that our minds don’t really “multitask” the …

LinkedIn Blows Other Social Networks Out Of The Water For Recruiting [Report] LinkedIn Blows Other Social Networks Out Of The Water For Recruiting [Report]
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Bullhorn Reach released a new “Social Recruiting Activity Report,” finding that LinkedIn rules the roost in terms of social networks most used by employers for recruiting purposes. Not a huge surprise, given the nature of LinkedIn. The firm measured LinkedIn, …

Ghostbusters Teach Management Ghostbusters Teach Management

I’m going to be up front with you. I’m a huge fan of Ghostbusters. I fell in love with its humor and creature design. It introduced me to the genius of Bill Murray. Today, it has introduced one more thing …

Stop Shoving Social Media Down My Throat Stop Shoving Social Media Down My Throat
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It’s time to step up and address one of the great myths pervading the social web — that an essential best practice is decentralizing social media marketing and pushing it down to employees at every level of the company.  This is a philosophy …

The ROI of Employees The ROI of Employees

Over at his blog yesterday, Chris Brogan wrote about his admiration for Gary Vaynerchuk. The post sparked quite the discussion in the comments, a lot of it about ROI (return on investment). This stemmed from a quip Gary had made …

Should Your Employer Have Access to Your Facebook Account?

privacyrisksfacebookYesterday, I read a report in the American magazine The Atlantic which asked the question

Which Parts of Your Company Should Be Listening to Social Media

Co-authored by Jay Baer and Amber Naslund

“Once upon a time, customer contact was centralized around the switchboard, and the phone was the preferred method for communication between companies and customers. When it rang, you answered, because it was likely a customer or a potential customer on the other end of the line. Now, the calls are coming through online, via the social phone.”

7 Tips For Improving Your Business in 2011
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Holy cow! 2011 is right around the corner. This is the time when entrepreneur’s thoughts (aside from those focused on preparing for the holidays, of course) turn towards growing or changing their businesses in the New Year.

Smart. Because unless you want to be exactly where you are now, doing exactly what you’re doing today, you need to do something different. Otherwise, you’re guilty of insanity. And, to paraphrase the great ski film maker, Warren Miller, “…you’ll be one year older when you do.”

The Need for a Flexible Employee Social Media Policy
How Can Business Owners and CEOs Keep Up in the Digital Age?

How does a business owner know what online marketing strategies to choose from? There are seemingly new tactics, new ideas, and new tools coming out every day, and most companies simply don’t have the resources to jump right into every …

Is Talking Bad About the Boss on Facebook Grounds for Termination?
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If the U.S. Army isn’t that strict about what its soldiers can say on social media channels (as long as no lives are on the line), then perhaps you should be a little lenient with your employees too. At least …

LinkedIn Recruiter Gets New Search Filter Features

LinkedIn has launched new search filter features for LinkedIn Recruiter. The company has taken advanced search and refinement filters that have been available, and added them to some new places.

Opera CEO Steps Down, Immediately Replaced

Jon von Tetzchner has stepped down as CEO of Opera, though he will remain with the company full-time in a "strategic and independent" capacity. Opera has appointed Lars Boilesen to take his place as CEO.

A Few Guidelines for Drafting Social Media Guidelines
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For all of the great opportunities that can come from social media, there are plenty of negatives that come with it as well. This is of course why many businesses are hesitant to adopt social media strategies and/or let their employees engage with different social networking tools. It is also why many of the companies that do have social media strategies in tact, and do allow employees to use these tools have guidelines in place.