What is Your Best Time-Saving Hack?

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LinkedIn Influencers provided some of their strategies on saving time. "Any email you can answer in 2 minutes or less, answer now," says Betty Liu, Founder/CEO at Radiate, Inc.Rand Golletz, Managing Partner of Rand Golletz Performance Systems replied, "Straight out of David Allen: Do it, delegate it, defer it, or ditch it."

"Focus work periods - Set a limited time to do a task," replied Kirk Butuk. "Listing sales leads, study a product, emails, reports, meetings. Use Siri - "Set timer for 30 minutes." Challenge yourself with these mini deadlines"

"My best time saving hack is scheduling office hours once a week where I will chat with anyone that wants to meet with me," said Dave Kerpen, author of 'The Art of People'. "Outside of those office hours I won't talk to anyone because that way I can stay focused on exactly what I need to get done. By the way, if you want to meet with me go to scheduledave.com and jump into the loop for office hours."

"The single best time-saving hack right now is Google Voice," says J.T. O'Donnell, CEO of CAREEREALISM & CareerHMO. "I do a ton of writing, I write a couple of articles everyday and I'm posting in LinkedIn all the time. That requires me to write out a lot of things and I found that with Google Voice I can record it all from my phone wherever I am. If I have ideas just kind of spit them out and I save them. I has helped me do a lot of creative writing in a really efficient way."

LANE PR offers these 5 Time-Saving Office Hacks:

Hack #1: Never Forget a Password Again
Use a login program like LastPass to securely store your login information.

Hack #2: De-clutter Your Inbox
Setup Inbox rules, create low priority folders and unsubscribe from emails you don't want.

Hack #3: Always Define Next Steps
Before ending a meeting or a call, confirm all action items with the group to ensure that everyone's aware of their responsibilities.

Hack #4: Coordinate Offline Projects Before Flights
Before business trips, coordinate 3 offline projects to work on during the flight.

Hack #5: Follow the 2-Minute Rule
If you can do a task in less than 2 minutes do it now.

Entrepreneur came up with some great hacks as well:

They say that "Real time is mental and anything you can create you can manage!"

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