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Kendall Jenner: Likeness to ‘Love Story’s’ Ali McGraw Uncanny

Kendall Jenner looks a lot like Love Story star Ali McGraw. If you never noticed this before, you’ll immediately note the similarities when you take a peak at their photos side-by-side. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star bears a striking resemblance to the actress from the 1970s film. Even though Kendall acknowledges she does, in fact, have a doppelganger, …

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Ali MacGraw And Ryan O’Neal Celebrate “Love Story”

Oliver and Jenny fought against all odds, a boy and girl from completely different backgrounds. He was the handsome, rich, lighthearted, waspy jock. She was the ethnic, blue-collar, straight-laced academic. However, they overcame their differences, and they fell madly in love. Then tragedy struck, and young Jenny became afflicted with a fatal illness. On paper it sounds horribly depressing. And …

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