Ali MacGraw And Ryan O'Neal Celebrate "Love Story"

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Oliver and Jenny fought against all odds, a boy and girl from completely different backgrounds. He was the handsome, rich, lighthearted, waspy jock. She was the ethnic, blue-collar, straight-laced academic. However, they overcame their differences, and they fell madly in love.

Then tragedy struck, and young Jenny became afflicted with a fatal illness.

On paper it sounds horribly depressing. And although Love Story is the ultimate tearjerker, Ali MacGraw and Ryan O'Neal's chemistry somehow made it okay to sob uncontrollably at the movies.

The old friends, now both in the 70s, recently got together to celebrate the acclaimed film. O'Neal admits to having a crush on MacGraw while filming the movie. However, she was married to Robert Evans, head of Paramount Studios, at the time of production.

The pair sat for a candid interview with The Hollywood Reporter to discuss one of Hollywood's most iconic films.

When asked about the opening weekend of Love Story, which became a huge box office success, MacGraw replied, "And just what you think happened, happened. It was an instant hit all over the world. I remember at the premiere, more interesting than watching the movie was listening to the audience blowing their noses and crying. Men and women. It was shocking! It was at the Loews theater on Broadway in New York, it was snowing. It was pretty magical, with everybody sniveling away."

And exactly how do the actors truly feel about the most celebrated line in the film, you know the one about love meaning that you never have to say that you're sorry? Both O'Neal and MacGraw don't think that's a good way to go about a relationship.

O'Neal stated, "That, of course, is the most famous line from that film, which, in hindsight, is maybe not the best relationship advice." MacGraw agreed, "It's a crock!"

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