Ali MacGraw And Ryan O’Neal Reminisce Over 'Love Story' Days At Harvard

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Lead stars of the ‘70s classic movie Love Story Ali MacGraw and Ryan O’Neal reunited at Harvard University where their characters met more than 45 years ago.

MacGraw and O’Neal reminisced about the old times as they sat for an interview with journalist and moderator Alicia Anstead. Love Story got seven Academy nominations and won one for original score.

During their campus visit, the two shared their Love Story experience and the life they lead after doing the film. Love Story earned $106 million at the box office on its original theatrical release which is equivalent to $650 million in 2016. However, the stars joked they did not get paid much.

Ali MacGraw and Ryan O'Neal Played College Lovers in the 1970 film 'Love Story'

MacGraw revealed she only got $20,000 but said it was a lot of money during those times as she was not popular when they made the classic film. O’Neal even joked his talent fee was not enough to cover his alimony payments.

After more than four decades, Ali MacGraw, 76, and Ryan O’Neal, 74, will be working together again as the lead stars of the touring production of the play, Love Letters. The story chronicles the lives of two friends who keep in touch through mail.

“I think it'll be interesting to see Ali and I together again,” O’Neal says in a promotional video for the play which was written by A.R. Gurney. “I think that's certainly interesting to me. It's a very well-written story, and I think they will be moved.”

MacGraw believes the on-screen chemistry she shared with her co-star more than 40 years ago will still work in the play. “I can't imagine doing this with anyone else,” the actress said. “We have 40-some-odd years of history.”

In the promo clip for the tour, Ali MacGraw recalled her Love Story days: “Every single minute was fun and caring, and that doesn't happen a lot.”

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