Kendall Jenner: Likeness to ‘Love Story’s’ Ali McGraw Uncanny

Kendall Jenner looks a lot like Love Story star Ali McGraw. If you never noticed this before, you’ll immediately note the similarities when you take a peak at their photos side-by-side. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star bears a striking resemblance to the actress from the 1970s film.

Even though Kendall acknowledges she does, in fact, have a doppelganger, she has yet to watch Love Story from start to finish. Mom Kris Jenner encouraged her to watch the film, but failed.

“My mom would hear from her friends that they thought I looked like her,” Kendall Jenner says in a recent interview with People magazine. “She made me watch Love Story, but I fell asleep halfway through.”

Even though she still hasn’t seen Love Story in its entirety, Kendall appreciates it when people recognize their physical similarities.

“She’s beautiful, she’s an icon, so it’s really awesome to hear,” she says.

In other Kendall Jenner news, she recently broke sister and brother-in-law–Kanye and Kim Kardashian West’s–record on Instagram. She currently holds the records for the most ‘likes’ on an Instagram photo. Kendall’s shot from about a month ago, featuring her on the ground in a sheer white gown, has racked up almost two and a half million ‘likes.’ It beat out Kim and Kanye’s wedding photos that, until Kendall Jenner’s photo was posted, held the record.

Surely Kendall Jenner has lots going on in her life. At just 19 she has a very successful fashion modeling career, stars on her family’s reality show, looks just like Ali McGraw, and now she holds an Instagram record.

Could life get any better for a teenager? Oh, probably.

It’s quite likely with Kendall Jenner that the best is yet to come.

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