Linux Articles

Linux: the Cheaper Way to Go?

IBM released a report from the Robert Frances Group (RFG), which it sponsored that claims that the total cost of operation (TCO) for Linux is 40% lower than that of Windows.

Asian Linux Version To Launch Tomorrow

Asianux 2.0, an Asian version of the Linux operating system will launch in Korea and China on Thursday, and in Japan in October.

Novell Gets Wise With Linux

Novell has shipped its GroupWise 7 around the world. The company claims that GroupWise is the most secure and reliable collaboration platform in the industry.

Novell Takes Linux To China

Novell along with the China Standard Software Company (CS2C) is developing Linux Server and Linux desktop offerings for the market in China.

Novell Opens Up SUSE

The technology company announced at LinuxWorld an open version of the SUSE Linux distribution.

Linux Kicking Microsoft Out Of Indiana Schools

Desktop machines by Elkhart, IN-based Wintergreen Systems running Linspire Linux could end up on 300,000 desks.

Google, Microsoft To Compete In Golden Penguin Bowl at LinuxWorld

In a move that can show off each competitor’s knowledge of open-source computing, both Microsoft and Google will be participating in the Golden Penguin Bowl quiz session at the upcoming LinuxWorld conference, which is scheduled for August 8-11 in San Fransisco.

Open-Xchange Open To Red Hat Now

Commercial support from German firm Netline for the Open-Xchange comes to more platforms this year.

SCO Unable To Prove Its Linux Claims

The disclosure of a 2002 email demonstrates its investigation of Linux source code found no infringement.

New Bugs Swatted In Firefox Update

Firefox 1.0.5 became available yesterday, providing several security updates to the browser.

SGI Clutches At Linux Lifeline

Silicon Graphics supplants its proprietary IRIX operating system with Linux in order to enter the supercomputer field.

Microsoft Safer Than Linux

The company’s Security Development Lifecycle has helped it better test and evaluate its software products.

Bitkeeper,git (patch maintenance)

Kernel programmers need to keep track of patches. That’s pretty obvious, but what isn’t immediately obvious to those of us who aren’t kernel developers is just how onerous that task is for Linux kernels.

Real Provides Critical Update For Mac, Windows, Linux

The RealPlayer utility has several vulnerabilities patched with the latest security releases from RealNetworks.

IBM, Linux Prominent On Supercomputer List

The BlueGene/L supercomputer at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory placed first for the second consecutive year.

Weather Forecast For Google: Summer of Code

Google’s embrace of the open source computing community is growing stronger and stronger. If you are a code junkie and would like to make some extra cash, Google may have just the thing for you.

Linux Loves Nokias 770 Tablet

Forget the old PDAs. Nokia’s got something cool as school to compete in the same market. The new Nokia 770 Internet tablet gives users some groovy new tools to surf the net with and they told everyone about all about it at the Linuxworld Summit in the Big Apple.

Google Releases Video Upload Tool For Mac, Linux

The Google Video Upload Program is the search engine’s attempt to embrace the growing vlogging movement, while improving the quality of their Video Search index.

Novell Gains, Loses With Linux

The former president of SuSE leaves the firm, and the company makes a Linux security acquisition.

Ballmer Announces Microsoft Support For Linux

If this were April Fool’s day, I would have been tempted to discount this story immediately.

Yahoo Updates Toolbar For Firefox, Mac, Linux

Yahoo! has made one of its more popular toolbar features, Yahoo! Anti-Spy (Windows), available through its Toolbar for the Firefox browser. Additionally, the Yahoo! Toolbar for Firefox is now available for Mac and Linux operating systems.