Open Source Computing Brings Everybody's Favorite Droid To Life

Developer & Design

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I think we can all agree that R2-D2 is one of the most lovable robots ever created. Compared to his more terrifying contemporaries, the little guy just oozes charm. Now one man has made his very own R2-D2 using a Raspberry Pi linux computer.

A Chinese Star Wars fan took an old R2-D2 interactive toy and outfitted it with a Raspberry Pi and some other enhancements. The result is a fully interactive R2-D2 unit that can understand both English and Chinese. It also has face recognition, motion detection, ultrasonic distance detection and Wi-Fi. Check it out:

The best part about all of this is that the Droid is a gift for the creator's girlfriend. She must be the luckiest lady alive to have somebody put this much work into a present. I know a few Star Wars fans that would kill to have a working R2 unit.

It's also a major win for the Raspberry Pi community as its one of the most impressive projects yet accomplished with the open source computer. As more people begin to work with the tiny computer, we'll start seeing really cool projects like this one.

[h/t: Pocket-lint]