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Laura Ingraham Says Ariana Grande Is “Spoiled, Entitled Pop Princess”, Says Her Music Is “Inconsequential”

Laura Ingraham lost her mind on Thursday’s episode of Fox & Friends. The incident that sent Laura Ingraham over the edge was the now-infamous Ariana Grande donut licking tape. In the video, Ariana Grande is recorded licking and spitting on donuts that are for sale and then saying, “That’s f—king disgusting. I hate Americans. I hate America.” Laura Ingraham didn’t …

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Ann Coulter And Laura Ingraham: The Real Winners?

Ann Coulter and talk show hosts like Laura Ingraham are singing the praises of Dave Brat and his astounding win over Eric Cantor in last week’s congressional race. Dave Brat’s win is proof positive in Ann Coulter‘s eyes that the Republican party might be ready to quit toying around with amnesty and take a stronger stance against immigration reform, the …

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Eric Cantor Shocked By Defeat To David Brat; Polls Were Wrong

On Tuesday, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor shockingly lost the 7th District Republican primary to a college professor named David Brat, who is backed by the Tea Party. In an interview with ABC’s Jonathan Karl on Sunday, Cantor said, “I don’t think anybody in the country thought that the outcome would be what it was and I think we’re going to be …

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Bill O’Reilly, Laura Ingraham Argue Over “Thump the Bible” Comment

Last week, conservative Fox News star Bill O’Reilly seemed to defend the supporters of gay marriage, saying that they have a “compelling argument.” At the same time, the pundit criticized opponents of gay marriage, stating that they haven’t been able “to do anything but thump the Bible.” Now, O’Reilly is having to defend his comments against a backlash of Christians …

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