Ann Coulter And Laura Ingraham: The Real Winners?

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Ann Coulter and talk show hosts like Laura Ingraham are singing the praises of Dave Brat and his astounding win over Eric Cantor in last week's congressional race.

Dave Brat's win is proof positive in Ann Coulter's eyes that the Republican party might be ready to quit toying around with amnesty and take a stronger stance against immigration reform, the issue which could be “the end of the Republican Party” to a lot of people.

Coulter also believes that this great victory over Eric Cantor (and in turn, the "established" and comfortable Republicans) is the beginning of a new era in the party, one that will disallow the chamber of commerce to continue “buying their way” into Congress.

Popular talk show host Laura Ingraham called the victory a “massive wakeup call to the Republican party”. Dave Brat won with significantly less money raised for his campaign than Eric Cantor. This would indicate that Republicans everywhere could indeed be ready for a massive shake up within the confines of the overly complacent and docile party.

However, the support for Dave Brat from the world of talk radio has drawn some criticism and so has talk radio's role in shaping the future of the party.

The hosts and guests of the talk show Crossfire last week lamented Cantor's loss as a sad day and bad direction for the Republican party.

Host Stephanie Cutter decried that Cantor “allowed himself to be defined” by talk radio hosts like Ingraham and other Tea Party supporters. She went on to claim that such hosts "drove the election" by continuing to insist that Cantor was in bed with the Obama administration as an "establishment" Republican. She then went on to claim that talk radio is “is basically driving a wedge” between two factions of the Republican party.

Democratic strategist Kiki McLean wondered if the election was about Cantor and Brat or Ingraham and Coulter. She said, “Did the people of Virginia nominate Laura Ingraham?”.

Did they? Or did they nominate someone who just might have the guts to make the flip that the party truly needs? Time will tell.

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