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Hulk Hogan Announces Hostamania

While Hulk Hogan is widely known for his over-zealous persona, he recently opted to reveal another facet of his personality most aren’t familiar with – professionalism. On Friday, the legendary professional wrestler announced the upcoming launch of his latest business venture, Hostamania. The venture is a partnership that Hogan established in conjunction with Tech Assets, Inc. The technology firm specializes …

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Reviews and Reactions of the Samsung Galaxy S III Launch

Samsung’s answer to the iPhone series, the Galaxy S family, has a new model on the streets with the launch of the Galaxy S III, at least on an international basis. That, however, did not include the North America region, which, thanks to hardware compatibility issues, won’t be seeing the S III until June 20. Just because the United States …

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Diffbot Makes The Web Machine-Readable

Microsoft’s Bing service has a cool promotion vehicle known as Bing Booster. It helps tech startups connect and collaborate with other startups and people in their field. One of the events Bing helps sponsor is LAUNCH, an event that give startups a platform to launch from. One of the startups that Bing brought to LAUNCH this year is really interesting. …

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World’s Thinnest Tablet From Toshiba

On Tuesday, Toshiba will be bringing the world’s thinnest 10 inch tablet to stores. The product was announced at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show in January and bas received wide praise ever since. The ultra sleek and sexy Excite 10 LE tablet is just 0.3 inches thick and weighs only 1.18 lbs. The device is 0.04 inches thinner than the …

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Sony Playstation Vita £199.99 on eBay

Sony is releasing it’s Playstation Vita in the U.S. and Canada on Febuary 22nd, and eBay is teaming up with Zavvi to offer a pre-order deal of £199.99. The Vita is region-free, so one can get it a little early through this eBay deal for roughly $315 USD. £199.99 on eBay is the cheapest online so far, as even on …

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