Reviews and Reactions of the Samsung Galaxy S III Launch

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Samsung's answer to the iPhone series, the Galaxy S family, has a new model on the streets with the launch of the Galaxy S III, at least on an international basis. That, however, did not include the North America region, which, thanks to hardware compatibility issues, won't be seeing the S III until June 20.

Just because the United States (or Canada) did not receive the Samsung Galaxy S III at this time, that doesn't mean we should be blind to the reaction of those who did. While the North American models will have a significant alteration from their international counterparts, the device is expected to be a true alternative to those who don't want to get locked into Apple's world. The question concerning the North American models is will the devices suffer due to the switch from a quad core processor to a dual core? Time will tell.

As for the international version, the reaction has been strong to both the smartphone and its hefty price tag. First and foremost, the positives point directly to the device's screen, a 4.8-inch/720p display that refers to as:

a superbly viewable screen. Video playback on a mobile is always a questionable priority – if you can’t watch on a TV, a tablet makes much more sense – but with 4.8ins of high-resolution Super AMOLED screen with its vivid colours and contrasty blacks, this makes it more of a possibility than before.

While they acknowledged the size of the screen may prove problematic in the handling of the device, the review closes by saying the display looks "lush and inviting," high praise when you consider the importance of the screen in relation to mobile computing. CNet UK mirrors T3's praise by saying:

while you might find your knuckles bending in new and exotic ways, the benefit is that this whopping display will make your photos and video look stupendous.

With a 1,280x720-pixel resolution, the S3 will do justice to your high-definition footage, as well as leaving icons and text looking impressively sharp. This is an HD Super AMOLED screen, which is the same display tech used on the Nexus and Note, both of which are a real treat for the eyes.

The quad-core processor set-up is also praised by both publications, but with the North American models only getting a dual-core S III, these consumers will be missing out on some of that power. Not to worry, indicates CNet UK:

A question hangs over whether quad-core processors are really needed, and you'll be hard pushed to find apps in the Google Play shop that stress the S3's processor to its limits.

That being said, the North American dual-core may not have that same luxury when more powerful applications hit Google Play. As you might expect, many international Twitter users took to the air to discuss their new toy:

@Samsung_India I would do many things for you, Samsung Galaxy S3. #TalkAwayS3
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The #TalkAwayS3 hashtag is little marketing ploy initiated by Samsung India. The results have been impressive:

#TalkAwayS3 I would Die a thousand death for you S3.
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#TalkAwayS3 I would sell my kidney's for you S3
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#TalkAwayS3 I would Donate my Apple 4S for you S3
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I would tweet till the final minute and hope that nothing is impossible in this world for you, Samsung Galaxy S3 #TalkAwayS3
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And that, folks, is dedication. Of course, considering the device's £549.99 on Amazon's UK site, some of those measures aren't that drastic at all. Considering the North American model will have a dual-core, one would expect the price to be a little more reasonable. Not much though.

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