WATCH: Space Shuttle Atlantis' Final Flight

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Earlier today, 11:26 A.M. EST Friday to be exact, space shuttle Atlantis launched from NASA's Kennedy Space Center headed toward the International Space Station. Today's launch signified the end of an era, as it was the final of Atlantis' career.

The shuttle is caring Commander Chris Ferguson and crewmates Pilot Doug Hurley, and Mission Specialists Sandy Magnus and Rex Walheim on a 12-day mission. On their trek they'll deliver "Raffaello multi-purpose logistics module filled with more than 8,000 pounds of supplies and spare parts to sustain space station operations after the shuttles are retired", according to the NASA YouTube page.

Are you saddened by the launch of Atlantis today? Let us know in the comments.

Below I've included the top three tweets about Atlantis' launch, as according to Twitter. Two of them feature some pretty amazing images.

Shuttle Atlantis is “go” for launch. No technical issues and weather is “go” at KSC and at abort landing sites in the U.S. and overseas. 6 hours ago via web · powered by @socialditto

#STS135 Atlantis has left Earth for the final space shuttle mission, capping off an amazing 30-year program. 5 hours ago via Twitpic · powered by @socialditto

#STS135 Atlantis' launch, seen from above through the window of a Shuttle Training Aircraft. 2 hours ago via Twitpic · powered by @socialditto

I've included the image from the tweet above below. Enjoy.

Atlantis as seen from the window of a shuttle training aircraft