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Xbox Live Subscribers Get ‘Sleeping Dogs’ Free in January

Though the second half of 2013 was a PR nightmare for Microsoft and the Xbox One’s original incarnation is still fresh in gamers’ minds, Microsoft did manage to bring one very consumer-friendly feature to Xbox Live subscribers this year. The new Xbox “Games With Gold” program brought to Xbox Live users an answer to the free games that Sony has …

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Tomb Raider Gameplay Video Shows Stealth-Action

We’re less than one month from Square Enix’s Tomb Raider reboot being released on March 5. Today the publisher released the longest look yet at how the game will play. Much of the gameplay footage from the trailers seen since last year’s E3 appear to have come from this stretch of the game. The glass-breaking and parachuting segments are both …

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First Tomb Raider “Survival Guide” Released

Now that a proper trailer for the upcoming Tomb Raider reboot has been released, Square Enix is diving in and revealing all sorts of details about the game. Today, the first in a series of “Guide to Survival” videos was released. The trailer begins by spoiling the entire opening of the story, so look away if you want a perfectly …

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New Tomb Raider Trailer Features More Battered Lara Croft

The dirty, distressed, and broken Lara Croft seen at this year’s E3 was fairly shocking. Though she was wearing more clothing than is normally seen in advertisements, the suffering she endured was visceral and tinged with a darker type of sex appeal. This weekend, the first real trailer for Tomb Raider premiered during the Spike Video Game Awards. The new …

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Lara Croft Voice Actress Announced For Tomb Raider Reboot

The Tomb Raider footage shown at E3 was impressive for its cinematic qualities, but the fake British accent being used for Lara Croft seemed immersion-breaking, to say the least. Luckily for Tomb Raider fans, the developers at Crystal Dynamics were simply using a stand-in voice actress until the real voice of Lara Croft could be cast. Square Enix announced today …

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Tomb Raider Fans React to the Game’s Delay

Tomb Raider, the next game in the Tomb Raider franchise has been delayed until an undetermined date in early 2013. The game, which will “reboot” the Tomb Raider series was originally set to be released sometime this fall. In it, the origin story of a redesigned Lara Croft is told as she explores a “forgotten” island. The announcement came on …

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Tomb Raider Reboot Delayed Until 2013

After the disappointing delay of BioShock Infinite into next year, I was hoping there would be no more casualties from the crowded holiday season. Unfortunately, one of this year’s best looking games has also slipped into the far off future of 2013. Tomb Raider, the reboot of the franchise from Crystal Dynamics that sees a younger Lara Croft trapped on …

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Lara Croft Gets View-Throughs, Not Click-Throughs

Broadband video advertising company YuMe Networks just got its Lara Croft in your p2p, or got its p2p into…this sentence can’t finish well. Let me try again. YuMe Networks is allowing marketers to insert dynamic video advertising directly into downloadable content on the BitTorrent Entertainment Network. 

That’s what I get for trying to be cute.

The company says the new program is the first of its kind, offering customized and targeted downloaded or streamed content, displayable on any digital content player.

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