First Tomb Raider "Survival Guide" Released


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Now that a proper trailer for the upcoming Tomb Raider reboot has been released, Square Enix is diving in and revealing all sorts of details about the game.

Today, the first in a series of "Guide to Survival" videos was released. The trailer begins by spoiling the entire opening of the story, so look away if you want a perfectly fresh Tomb Raider experience. After the set-up, the video reveals the three skill trees that players can use to augment Lara Croft's talents as she learns to survive and kill while shipwrecked on a hostile island.

In the new Tomb Raider, players earn XP through exploration, combat, and completing missions. A requisite amount of XP will award skill points that can be allocated to either the "survivor," "hunter," or "brawler skill trees. Players will also be able to use a crafting system to upgrade Lara's weapons and gear.

Another feature revealed in the video is Lara's "survival instinct." The feature will highlight "key puzzle elements and hidden rewards" with a yellow light. It's similar to the assassin instincts from Square Enix's recently released Hitman: Absolution. It seems that the publisher sincerely believes its games are too hard, too poorly designed, or gamers are just too lazy to figure things out on their own.