New Tomb Raider Trailer Features More Battered Lara Croft

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The dirty, distressed, and broken Lara Croft seen at this year's E3 was fairly shocking. Though she was wearing more clothing than is normally seen in advertisements, the suffering she endured was visceral and tinged with a darker type of sex appeal.

This weekend, the first real trailer for Tomb Raider premiered during the Spike Video Game Awards. The new video uses much of the same footage that was seen at E3, and it appears that Lara's time shipwrecked on a hostile island will be more trying for her than fans of the series are used to seeing.

The Tomb Raider franchise, with its aging tropes and uninspired sequels, certainly needed a change, and it's clear that Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix are rebooting the franchise more in the vain of the Uncharted Series. The Lara Croft from the new Tomb Raider is both more vulnerable and more brutal than in any of her previous incarnations. Keeping these themes in mind, the new trailer is named "Survivor."

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