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Wikipedia’s SOPA Blackout: Solidarity Beyond The English-Langage Page Wikipedia’s SOPA Blackout: Solidarity Beyond The English-Langage Page

So SOPA news will be bursting from your Internets today what with Wikipedia (and others) disappearing till tomorrow. It’s a pretty bold message but it only directly affects the English-language page. But how might users of Wikipedia’s non-English pages be …

Twitter In Swedish Now A Reality Twitter In Swedish Now A Reality

Twitter announced today that it has launched in Swedish. The microblogging service or social network – whatever you want to call it – is now available in 21 languages. Twitter says over 400,000 volunteers have contributed to its translation center. …

We’re Not As Happy As We Used To Be, According To Our Tweets We’re Not As Happy As We Used To Be, According To Our Tweets
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According to our collective tweets, we are all unhappier than we used to be. If you follow the types of people that I follow, your response might be “Duh.” Cynicism, anger, and even depression are the lifeblood of Twitter, right? …

Google Supports New Markup for Multilingual Content Google Supports New Markup for Multilingual Content
· 1

Google is supporting a new markup for multilingual content. It’s designed to improve handling of the following two scenarios, as described by the company: Multiregional websites using substantially the same content. Example: English webpages for Australia, Canada and USA, differing …

Duolingo Wants To Translate The Internet By Helping You Learn Another Language Duolingo Wants To Translate The Internet By Helping You Learn Another Language
· 7

Duolingo’s premise is quite simple. How do you get people to translate the web for free? Their answer is to turn it into an experience that is part game, part language instruction, and all ambitious crowdsourcing. Duolingo is the brainchild …

Teaching The English Language With Rage (Comics) Teaching The English Language With Rage (Comics)

Spawned from the depths of 4chan, perfected on the pages of reddit, and now coming to a classroom near you? If you’re unfamiliar with rage comics, think of them as cartoons using an ever-growing set of internet memes. Various faces …

Siri, and the Wide World of Accents Siri, and the Wide World of Accents

One of the biggest draws of the brand new iPhone 4S, besides the faster speeds and better camera, is the voice assistant program Siri (and more generally the speech recognition software). The device comes ready to work with 5 different …

Twitter’s Most Eloquent Twitter’s Most Eloquent

A headline caught my eye today. It was “Twitter Twits: Rio Ferdinand is dubbed the dunce of Premier League Tweeters.” I immediately thought that any study that ranks people based on how dumb they are on Twitter has got to …

ZOMG, NSFW Added to Oxford Dictionary ZOMG, NSFW Added to Oxford Dictionary
· 1

Language is always evolving. And nowadays, with the prevalence of internet use, texting, and social networking, it is evolving at an unprecedented pace. Some new words have just been added to the Oxford Dictionaries Online, a related branch of the …

AP Stylebook Adds More Tech Terms AP Stylebook Adds More Tech Terms
· 1

The 2011 print edition of the AP Stylebook is available today, and while the focus is on a brand new “Food Guidelines” section, the “journalist’s bible” has updated their social media guidelines section as well to include some new tech …

Google Continues to Take Other Languages More Seriously
· 4

About a month ago, Google announced some things it was doing that would improve the way sites rank across different language versions of its search engine, in an effort that would clearly make Google more useful on a global scale. In what seems to be a continuation of this tradition, Google has announced a couple more language-based improvements to its products.

By George (Carlin), The Internet Has Tourette’s
· 2

WARNING: This is the Internet, not TV, where seven words people aren’t allowed to say on TV are permitted. In honor of that, and of recently, well, dead1 "counter-culture" comedian George Carlin, the seven words you can’t say on TV will be said because mincing words would be anathema to Carlin’s life. Plus it gives us an excuse. If dirty words in general offend you, better click out now, because these seven are top shelf, man.

Google Brushes Up On Right-To-Left Languages

Google makes important language updates pretty frequently, so we weren’t surprised to see another one turn up.  Google’s gone a step beyond simple translations, though, and is dealing with the alignment of text.

Natural Language Comes Naturally To Google

Though it’s an artificial construct of thousands of machines, Google’s Peter Norvig suggested natural language has a place in the search engine; just not the place most people think.

KML/KMZ Collaboration Added to Google Maps
· 1

Google added two new features to Google Maps: collaborative editing and importing of KML/ KMZ files.

Powerset Exec Shuffle Looks Like Comedy Sketch
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In “Monty Python and the Holy Grail,” the Black Knight always gets a laugh by claiming that the loss of both his arms is “just a flesh wound.”  Now Powerset’s COO has left the company, its CEO is changing roles, and it, too, claims to be okay.

Barney Pell

New Google Webmaster’s Guidelines
I just found another Google webmaster guideline worth sharing…

How Well Does Google Translate Idioms?

Google once boasted that their in-house machine translation efforts are award-winning. However, their internal software still hasn’t been released for all the translation language pairs their offer.

Google Announces New Language Developments

I’ve taken classes in Latin, Spanish, and French, and it would be bad for all of us if we had to rely on my understanding of those languages.  But those of you who are better with languages – and who are also familiar with some less common ones – should know that Google’s looking for volunteer translators.

The Language of Search Marketing

Every industry has its lingo, its own internal jargon. Language has a tendency develop on its own, especially within more isolated sub-groups. But there is also a macro level to it, pervasive word couplings people used when seeking specific results.

Google Looks At Maori Language
· 1

Google’s Australian branch is quite proud of the country’s culture and origins.  As word spreads about a new project, it seems that Google’s taking a strong interest in New Zealand, as well; the search engine should soon be available in Maori, a language native to the area.

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