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Baidu Takes AI Crown, Achieves New Level of Language Understanding
The ability to talk with an artificial intelligence (AI), be it a computer or robot, has been a staple of science fiction for decades. Despite modern ...
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Google Translate’s Awesome Visual Translation Feature Gets 20 New Languages
When Google first unveiled its visual translation feature inside the Google Translate app, it seemed pretty damn cool. But after a recent trip oversea...
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Instagram Defines Its Most Popular Emoji, Which Are Taking Over Our Speech
Instagram software engineer Thomas Dimson spent, by the looks of an new blog post, a pretty substantial amount of time looking at emoji use across the...
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Want to Learn Klingon? Duolingo’s Working on It
Popular language tutorial app Duolingo has just added a new language. No, it’s not Japanese (as people have been clamoring over for some time). ...
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House of Cards: Kevin Spacey’s Southern Accent Sounds a Little Weird, But Who Cares?
From scene one, Netflix’s original series House of Cards has been over-the-top. That’s part of its charm. Like its main character, his acc...
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Yeah, Dad, Google Translate Knows Your Dutch Vulgarity
Google Translate is a pretty magical app. I think we can say that without equivocation. Google recently added the ability to point and shoot words and...
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Twitter Translation Is Back, Still Bing-Powered
Bing-powered translations have returned to Twitter. The social network announced the news in a tweet, saying that it was introducing tweet translation...
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Google Translate Gets Support For 10 More Languages
Google announced the addition of ten new languages to Google Translate. A year ago, the company announced that it had reached the 80-language mileston...
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Google Webmaster Academy Expands To More Languages
Google launched Webmaster Academy in 2012 as a way to help small businesses improve their web and Google presence through education about various webm...
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Google Now Lets You Speak Multiple Languages Without Changing Settings
Google announced a change to the Google Search app for Android that enables you to speak different languages to Google without having to keep going in...
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Twitter Axes Bing-Powered Translations
About a year ago, Twitter began offering instant tweet translations, powered by Bing. As with any basic translation tool, it wasn’t always the m...
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Yelp Launches Mobile Review Translation On iPhone
Yelp announced the launch of automated review translation in its iPhone app. They offer reviews in fifteen languages in 27 countries. As the company c...
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Gmail Starts Recognizing Non-Latin Characters In Email Addresses
Google announced that Gmail will now recognize addresses that contain accented or non-Latin characters, so suers can send emails to, and receive them ...
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Scrabble Gets with the Times, Adds Selfie, Hashtag, and Mixtape
It’s been about a decade since the Scrabble dictionary received a major update. But when the fifth edition of the The Official Scrabble Players ...
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Google Launches Translate Community
Google just announced the launch of a new Translate Community aimed at helping the company improve its translation quality for the 80 languages it alr...
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Gmail Gets Support For Thirteen More Languages
It’s hard to believe that in July of 2014, Gmail doesn’t already support every language, but Google announced that it now supports thirtee...
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Oxford Comma? Americans Still Unsure, Hostile, and Divided
Here’s the thing about the Oxford comma – it’s optional, highly debated, and ultimately unnecessary. I mean, I use it – I’m not ...
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Skype Is Getting Real-Time Translation Later This Year
There’s no denying that Microsoft’s Skype has played a huge part in international communication, as it’s one of the most popular ways for person...
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Twitter Ads Get New Language Targeting
Twitter has been launching all kinds of ad features lately, including an app promotion suite, native ads on MoPub, the Website Card, the expansion of ...
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Google Translate Hits 80 Languages Milestone, Adds 9 New Ones
Google Translate has hit the 80 languages milestone, as Google announced the addition of support for nine more languages. “Whether you’re trek...
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