YouTube Is Now In Four More Indian Languages

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YouTube is one step closer to becoming a global video content delivery site by adding four new languages to the site - all of them being regional languages in India.

Aditi Rajwanshi, YouTube India partner manager, announced today in a YouTube blog post that the site can now be browsed in Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam and Telugu. YouTube has been in India since 2008, but India’s size and vast amount of languages has made it hard for them to make the site friendly to all the people who live there.

Previously, YouTube has added support for Hindi, Urdu, Marathi, Bengali and Tamil. Considering that India has 30 regional languages, YouTube only has 21 more languages to go until they can account for the entire country.

YouTube just isn't getting more language support. The video site is also working with creators to produce content in these languages.

For speakers of Telugu, YouTube has more than 100 films of Tollywood Cinema and a vegetarian cooking channel. Speakers of Kannada can look forward to music, drama and comedy content. Malayalam speakers can get Malayalam cinema videos from YouTube. Finally, Gujarati speakers can access TV9 for news.

YouTube has provided some entertaining and eductional examples of YouTube videos for each language. Check them out below: