Google Maps Now Available In Bahasa Malaysia

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Google's had quite the crush on Malaysia recently. Last week, the company launched a Malaysia-specific domain for YouTube and now they've announced that Google Maps will have traffic and transit information for the western Pacific country.

The traffic information, which has been around in other countries for a few years now, will be presented as an overlay on the trafficked roadways in Malaysia with different colors representing different traffic conditions (green = no traffic, yellow = some traffic, red = gridlock of doom).

The feature for Malaysia comes after Google announced earlier today that it was re-launching the traffic data service for the general United States (where such information is available, at least). In addition to the traffic feature for Malaysia, Google Maps will have transit information for public transportation routes so that users can plan their trips on Google Maps via this method of commutation. This new information is now available on both Google Maps main website as well as Google Maps Mobile.

Finally, the cherry on top: Google Maps is accessible via Malaysia's official tongue, Bahasa Malaysia. There are over 10 million native speakers of Bahasa Malaysia, 60% to whom it is their primary language while 90% of all Malaysians understand it proficiently - all new Google Maps users who thanks to the new language addition, will only have to deal with one barrier when planning their trips: distance.

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