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Mountain Dew Breakfast: Extreme, But Not Too Extreme

Mountain Dew is looking to expand their customer base a bit–or at least make more sales to the fanbase they already have–by bringing breakfast into the mix. It may not be a vitamin-packed smoothie, but the company says their new …

Kickstarter Project Hopes to Create Social-Video-Sharing Glasses Kickstarter Project Hopes to Create Social-Video-Sharing Glasses

Can’t wait for the Google Glass headsets to arrive? A company called Vergence Labs has some eyewear that just might tide you over until Google Glass is finally out of beta. The company has started a Kickstarter campaign to raise …

Social Media Propaganda Posters Will Hopefully Become a Coffee Table Book Thanks to Kickstarter Social Media Propaganda Posters Will Hopefully Become a Coffee Table Book Thanks to Kickstarter
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Aaron Wood is known in almost 20,000 Google+ circles for his social media propaganda posters and now he is putting together a coffee table book. He is trying to get funding for his Kickstarter project by networking on Google+. The …

Future Dim For Yahoo’s Jumpcut, Kickstart
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You can almost hear the "snip-snip" of cost-cutting scissors at work.  Following the forced departure of 1,500 employees last Wednesday, Jumpcut and Kickstart, two of Yahoo’s more experimental and less popular sites, are facing similar fates.

Breaking Down Yahoo’s Social Landscape

Yahoo! has been a very influential provider of social services online for quite some time.

Yahoo's Social Universe

Over the last few years they have either created or purchased online social sites, here is a quick breakdown of some of the major start-ups and acquisitions:

Yahoo’s Kickstart Will Need One

The ancient question about the chicken or the egg coming first applies to Yahoo’s latest service, a college student and alumni social networking site called Kickstart.

Yahoo Launches Social Site For College Grads
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Due to the arrival of OpenSocial, it felt like social networking had reached a new stage of development; Facebook stood alone, but other companies began to march under a single flag.  Now, however, there’s another “loose” contender called Kickstart.

Yahoo Tests A Facebook/LinkedIn Contender

This new product may never make it out of research and development, but word has it that Yahoo is working on a social network called Kickstart.  If successful, Kickstart would effectively bridge the gap between Facebook and LinkedIn.

10 Ways to Kickstart Your Cash Flow

Is your cash flowing out faster than it’s flowing in? This can happen for a number of reasons and can be a sign that your business is growing at a faster speed than you are ready to handle. Perhaps your best customer has given you a $100,000 order — but you need cash right now to buy the supplies needed to produce the product.