Social Media Propaganda Posters Will Hopefully Become a Coffee Table Book Thanks to Kickstarter

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Aaron Wood is known in almost 20,000 Google+ circles for his social media propaganda posters and now he is putting together a coffee table book.

He is trying to get funding for his Kickstarter project by networking on Google+. The book will be 9"x12" and contain 25 full color reproductions of his posters. It will be a soft cover and have 60 pages. Opposite each poster will be a small description of the poster and some behind the scenes into what he was thinking when he made it.

Wood has raised $2,050 for his project from 40 supporters and he only needs to raise another $650 in the next 5 days.

Maybe more artists should reach out like Wood has so that they can fund projects they are passionate about.

Check out his rendition of the fail whale, the picture that Twitter shows when the site goes down.

But some people think Wood's art is too "commie" and lacks originality.

This is how he responded to the critique:

Do you think it is too "commie?"

What is your reaction to his artwork?

You can also view some of his other designs on his Etsy page where you can purchase the posters.

The following is his profile on Etsy:

This one is my favorite.

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